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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar would like to have a priest on set

Monday 7 March 2005, by Webmaster

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Only with priest on set

Hollywood star Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to have a clergyman for her future shootings. Reason for this is the shooting of her new horror-thriller "The Grudge", during which she was impressed by the spirituality of the Japanese.

"Before the beginning of the shooting there was a cleaning ceremony. And then we had this gigantic success. Now I won’t come back to the set without Japanese Shinto-priesters anymore.", says the 27 year-old in an interview with the magazine "TV Movie".

However is Gellar less pleased by rumors, according to which she irritated director Takashi Shimizu with incessant gossip.

"Where did you have that from ? From the movie database on the Internet ?", is indignant the actress. She has read the reports by herself. "Over half of it is totally wrong".

Gellar also rejects rumors, according to which she is Britney Spears’ friend. "Perhaps I met her twice. That’s why she isn’t my friend."

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  • Meow! Isn’t the first rule of Hollywood to NOT bash anyone? You never know who you will be begging a job from someday...
  • She didnot bash anyone she clearly states she is not friends with Britney becuase she has only met her perhaps twice. That is no insult. It’s just in response to the rumors of them being friends and then feuding. The SMG hate is so FUNNY sometimes at least snark on her about a real insult.
  • you know it’s so funny when people try to blow things out of proportion, they seem to take everything SMG says out of it’s original context and make her out to be some kind of bitch, though I’m sure she isn’t.

    Also, how can you blame her for denying that rumour about being friends with BS - I would do the same. have you seen Britney ,lately?

  • I agree she is not bashing anyone!
  • I totally aggree with the majority of the posters, this is so NOT an insult.The quote is listed above and even there its easy to comprehend. Maybe it’s the fact that english isn’t everyone’s first language? She clearly said * perhaps we met twice*. In the real world *not hollywood* you arenot friends with someone you met *perhaps* twice. That doesnot mean you hate them you just dont know them. She was just responding to the rumors of a Britney feud.
  • i think its all in the way you read it. of course, the nonbashing way is just simply that they met twice and are cool with eachother but don’t go out on the town and gossip about "Buffy Spears" tours together.

    but i do see how it can be bashing. kinda like, "yeah we met twice, couldn’t stand her both times and that’s why we’re not friends." and i can picture her saying it like a snob lol.

    but yeah, its all in the way you perceive it.