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Sci Fi Gal


samedi 4 janvier 2003, par Webmaster

quote :

thebigbad spends several hours curled up in the foetal position clutching her action figures, before putting her first deposit on a lovely hut in Egypt.

I was right there with you. Except I wasn’t hugging my action figures, I was gazing longingly at the Buffy/Angel poster that once hung in my apartment. (You know the one... With Angel shirtless and Buffy leaning into him) Plus... season four (season one AtS) in episode one when Buffy sees "Angel" at The Bronze. The momentary look of excitement on her face. Plus the Buffy mystery phone call (which turned out to be Angel)... sigh, I think he just needed to hear her voice.

edited because just as I hit submit, Wild Wild Horses started playing on Buffy Radio and frankly, I’m sad

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