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Buffy : Season 8

Scott Allie - "Buffy : Season 8" Comic Book - Issue 35 - Buffy Zone Update

Thursday 29 April 2010, by Webmaster

We’ve all had a few weeks to process Buffy the Vampire Slayer #34. I’m not gonna deny that there was a certain amount of … outrage. There were people who were surprised and taken aback simply by the level of sex and nudity in the comic, and I’m sorry we didn’t warn people enough. Please note there are no actual parts shown. Sure, it pushed the limits, but with no nipples, no genitals, I was surprised by the accusations of porn.

There were a lot of fans who objected on other grounds, including legions of Spike fans who were as unhappy to see these two together as the Angel fans were satisfied. The recent storyline has shown me a whole new level of intensity in Buffy fans, and in particular the so-called “shipping” faction. For those that don’t know what that word means, and I only barely do, “ship” is short for relationship, and has to do with fans fixated on one relationship over another, or over all others. “Ships” get adorable names, like Bangel and Spuffy, and the fans, or “shippers,” become identified as Bangels or Spuffys. Anyway, back on planet earth …

There were plenty of readers that just didn’t want to see Buffy sleeping with the guy in the mask, no matter who he was, because he was behind all this horror — but hopefully next issue will make it more clear that that’s not exactly who Angel is. But for many different reasons, the reaction to Buffy #34 was strong, to say the least. It’s great to see such passion from the readers. I’m sorry we’re not exactly pleasing everyone, but we certainly seem to be keeping you interested. Buffy #35 will be out in a matter of days, and we’ll get to see what readers really think of this whole Twilight thing, with pretty much all those cards on the table.

Joss is juggling an increasingly crazy schedule as we head into the final arc. Film rewrites, massive directorial obligations … well, it wouldn’t be fun if it weren’t a challenge. Stay tuned —