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’Secretary’ spanking is sexiest moment (sarah michelle gellar mention)

Dave West

Thursday 16 March 2006, by isa

A spanking scene in Secretary has been named the sexiest moment in film.

The cult classic’s adventurous moment came top in a survey of 120,000 Lovefilm.com members.

It was followed by Brokeback Mountain’s gay kiss between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez were in third place for Out Of Sight, in which their romance begins with Clooney - as a bank robber - locking detective Lopez in a car boot.

Top ten:

1. ’Secretary’ - Spanking scene
2. ’Brokeback Mountain’ - Gyllenhaal and Ledger kiss
3. ’Out Of Sight’ - Clooney and Lopez romance
4. ’Betty Blue’ - The 1986 movie’s opening sex scene
5. ’Cruel Intentions’ - Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar kiss
6. ’Wild Things’ - Neve Campbell and Denise Richards car washing scene
7. ’Rear Window’ - James Stewart’s character is woken by Grace Kelly’s kiss
8. ’The Fabulous Baker Boys Sweet’ - Michelle Pfeiffer singing Makin’ Whoopee
9. ’Muholland Drive’ - Betty (Naomi Watts) and a mystery woman (Laura Harring) share a bed
10. ’The Hunger’ - Catherine Deneuve’s vampire scene with Susan Sarandon

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