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"Serenity" Movie in the Top 10 Best Box Office Bombs of the Decade

Tuesday 24 November 2009, by Webmaster


8. Serenity (2005): Premiering in 2002, Joss Whedon’s sci-fi/western “Firefly” was greeted with a rabid following, just not a particularly large one. Those fans were loyal enough to convince Universal Pictures to give Whedon another shot with his universe and while few showed up in theaters; Serenity pleased the Browncoats (the nickname for the show’s fans) and made believers of newcomers. As always, Whedon’s script zips along with wicked one-liners, quirky but deep characters and infectious storytelling. Nathan Fillion - still not the star he should be - shines brightest as Captain Malcolm Reynolds, who is equal parts Han Solo and The Man With No Name, a vigilante out for himself with space’s finest quips and endless gumption as his weapon. The fantastic Chiwetel Ejiofor even shows up as the film’s baddie, a delightfully calm killer called The Operative. Everyone has since gone on to new projects but one can always hope for one more adventure with these renegades. Cost - $39 million. Gross $25.5 million.


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