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"Serenity River Tam Limited Edition" Maquette - Available for pre-order ! (you save 20%)

Thursday 24 June 2010, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon is know for the post-modern deconstruction of myth; genre-bending that mixes humor, horror, sci-fi and drama to great effect; and for some of the most clever dialog in entertainment. But above all those things, what Joss is best known for is for creating babes that kick ass. And no Whedonverse character kicks more ass than River Tam.

QMx has dedicated our first Big Damn Heroes animated maquette to the awesome that is River Tam. The Big Damn Heroes line of maquettes feature more mature anime-style designs, including realistic wardrobe, props and settings. Significantly larger than our best-selling Little Damn Heroes, the new line adds a serious edge to it’s subject matter, offering a sexier, more heroic take on Big Damn Heroes.

River is captured in the midst of battle with the Reavers, her pose showing a dancer’s grace while her expression (and a copious spattering of her enemy’s blood) shows she means business. Great pains were taken to study both River’s prop sword and axe as well as her dress and boots, all of which are recreated in precise detail. Even the detailed, hand-painted base invokes the lived-in quality of Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity Verse.

Each River Tam maquette is cast in polystone resin and hand-painted, reflecting the high standards you’ve come to expect from a QMx maquette. River measures 6" tall by 6" wide without the base. The separately sculpted and painted base measures 5"x7"x1". River Tam is being offered in a limited edition of only 1,500.

Click on the cover to pre-order :