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Seth Green - "Family Guy" Cartoon hits the shelves

Jex H.

jeudi 23 novembre 2006, par Webmaster

2K Games has announced that the hilariously dysfunctional family is now out to wreak havoc not only in your own homes, but anywhere and everywhere you go, as the PSP action game Family Guy has shipped to retailers and is now up for grabs.

All the characters you love, or hate, or hate and love, will be featured in the game, along with the entire cast and creative team of the hit TV show, which has been hailed as the closest competition of one of the longest-running cartoon shows, "The Simpsons".

The Family Guy for the PSP lets you take on the role of beer-guzzling Peter Griffin as he tries to stop Mr. Belvedere’s sinister plans or Stewie, the diabolical youngster who tries to fight off his half-brother Bertram as the two battle it out to be The One who takes over the world. You’ll also get to play as Brian Griffin, the family dog, and devise ways to escape prison and prove to everyone your innocence in a puppy paternity case.

Developed by High Voltage Software, the game combines arcade-like action, platforming, combat, and puzzle-solving as you play and progress through three interweaving stories in the typical hilariously chaotic Family Guy fashion. Family Guy is now out on the market so make sure you check with your local retailers for price and availability.

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