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Seth Green

Seth Green - "Four Kings" Sitcom - Ew.com Review

Jennifer Armstrong

Monday 9 January 2006, by Webmaster

STARRING Josh Cooke, Seth Green (above right), Todd Grinnell (above left), Shane McRae

WHAT IT’S ABOUT When Ben (Cooke) inherits his grandma’s cushy New York apartment, he moves in with his three lifelong buddies - slacker Bobby (McRae), health nut Jason (Grinnell), and generally inappropriate Barry (Green).

WHAT TO EXPECT A little Sex and the City with guys, a little Friends without girls...and a lot of Will & Grace-style humor, since it’s from W&G’s co-creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. What not to expect: ’’A disgusting fartfest frat house,’’ Kohan says. Mutchnick adds, ’’We’re not writing Men Behaving Badly. We’re allowing them to have a sensitive, more real kind of approach.’’ In one episode, ultraresponsible Ben gets a lesson in one-night stands from a date; in another, he fumes at the guys for breaking Grandma’s favorite Lladró figurine. Barry is the exception to the ’’no behaving badly’’ rule - which is fine by Green. ’’I love playing fallible people,’’ he says. ’’And this guy is an unapologetic a—hole.’’

WHY IT’S WORTH WATCHING The Will & Grace wit of old resurfaces on Thursday nights with Kings: It’s got characters who are not too goofy to be relatable, a chemistry-blessed cast, and a legitimate explanation for TV twentysomethings living in a lush Manhattan pad.