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Seth Green

Seth Green - "Star Wars : Detours" Animated - Trailer - Watch The Video

Tuesday 11 September 2012, by Webmaster

Star Wars: Detours. That’s the new comedic animated series coming from the team behind Robot Chicken, as revealed today at the “Super Secret Star Wars Panel with Todd, Seth, and Matt!” Fans excited to see the next, and very different, chapter of the Star Wars saga crammed into the Celebration Stage at Star Wars Celebration VI for the big reveal, and we have all the news about the new series.

Stay tuned and keep your F5 key handy as we update live for the next hour on all things Star Wars: Detours with Todd Grimes, Seth Green & Matt Senreich!

First out once again is the host of the Main Stage, James Arnold Taylor. The voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi and approximately 25,000 other voices came out to pump up the crowd. “You are all part of the insane here, today, right now.

“What can you say about Robot Chicken? It’s a fantastic show and they’ve paid such a great tribute to Star Wars,” started Taylor.

He then introduced our panelists, to a standing ovation. They also came out with three Mandalorians, who tied down Taylor and took him off the stage!

Green started off by saying “Last time at Celebration we said that we had something coming, it’s funny, and it’s Star Wars, and that was it.”

Senreich, “Yeah, it started a couple years before that, we got called by George Lucas’s people, and we thought we were getting sued.”

Green, “Lucas was sitting at a desk and said, ‘You guys think you’re pretty fucking funny, don’t you? So, how about we do something funny together?’

And we said ‘Matt and I need to change our pants.’

We are showing it to you WAY earlier than anyone else. George actually said out loud to us that if we don’t show this to you at Celebration, we’re not doing our jobs right.”

Matt and Seth introduced Todd Grimes as the “Dave Filoni of our show.” Green also said we’ll be very overwhelmed by all the information today.

After explaining how excited and grateful they are to be here, the three took a picture of the entire audience to post to twitter. After, they took a picture of all the lightsabers in the audience.

Senreich “Ultimate, George told us he wanted to make something funny because everyone else is doing it. The tag line is kinda “Star Wars without the Wars”. This is the time between Episodes 3 and 4, so you’ll see characters you love in very different times in their life.”

Green, “None of this is making fun of Star Wars, but more jsut thinking about what the Star Wars version of life is like!”

Tom, “Does Darth Vader do online dating? We answer those questions.”

Green, “George gave us authority that “whatever you make up in this show is canon. The fans can deal with it.”

After the extended intro, they debuted some footage of the show. it all kicked off with Han Solo, some jawas, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Bossk, all in hilarious animated versions of them.

“A-ha: It’s a ruse, it’s a snare! It’s a confining device!”

Thunderous applause after the superdeformed versions of beloved characters kept the audience laughing.

Green: “Phew! Thank goodness, we totally had nightmares of this going a different way.”

The humor is very Robot Chicken-esque, with some fun animation.

There are three main setting areas. One is the Death Star, which is being built under the guise that it’s actually the best mall in the galaxy.

Green, “Sort of like the office, you have the foreman trying to get his workers done. We have the IT guy. Todd plays Jeff, the IT guy.”

Senreich, “and then also you have these random inspections from Vader and the Emperor.”

Green, “In this universe, you have Vader as the face of the empire, so he’s the guy doing ribbon cutting ceremonies and things like that.”

They showed another clip which got more laughter and applause.

Joel McHale, Donald Faison, Breckin Mayer, Seth McFarlane, and many more will be doing voices. Jennifer Hale was mentioned as well, Shepard from Mass Effect, as a “bad ass female officer” who is a recurring story.

Green described her character, Major Steel, taking a little baby Ewok and dressing him up in a major’s uniform.

The next area for the show is Tattooine, which originally started as just Jabba’s palace, but now goes all over, “from the Lars Homestead to the Cantina” and beyond, said Green.

Another clip was shown, of Chewbacca and Han Solo arguing like an old married couple.

Of course, the last area is Coruscant, often starring a super-bratty 15 year old Leia. Cat Taber, who is Padme on Clone Wars and has played Leia all over the place, as well, voices her and all four of her decoys. Dee Bradley Baker from Clone Wars is also going to be on the show playing tons of characters, including some old clones.

Green: “We have one old clone named Basher, George named him, he’s this old clone who is grizzled and super serious about everyone.”

Green said Max Reebo exists in this world, and is like the Gene Simmons of the universe.

The head writer of the show, Brendan Hay from “The Daily Show” was brought out on stage next.

Hay said he’s very excited about the writing team including Zeb Wells and Tom Root from Robot Chicken.

“Zeb Wells will make Dengar your new favorite character!” said Hay.

Green also announced Jane Espenson, writer of Buffy, Battlestar, Once, and much more is going to write for the show!

Simpsons, LEGO Star Wars, Venture Bros, Spongebob, Pinky & the Brain, Regular Show writers are all involved.

The assemblage said that their story meetings with George Lucas were incredibly awesome and geeky. They said that George Lucas’s explanation of Midichlorians made them all believers “That makes total sense!”

The producer, Jennifer Hill, also joined the panel late.

Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams will both be playing their characters, as well as Ahmed Best. (That’s 3PO, Lando, and Jar-Jar of course!) Green promises that everyone will love Jar-Jar Binks on this show.

Hay: “We’ve either saved his entire image, or you’ll hate him for an all-new reason!”

Donald Faison joined next, singing the Star Wars theme to lots of applause.

Faison made a youtube LEGO film called “Black Stormtrooper.” He also interned at Robot Chicken for six months to learn how to do the series.

“I’ve love Star Wars since I was a kid,” said Faison.

Green asked if he has been inducted into the 501st yet, and Faison asked what he has to do to make it happen.

After that, some behind-the-scenes footage was shown. The clip also revealed Grey Delisle and more voice actors like Felicia Day who got lots of applause.

‘they wrapped with one last clip; A full Storm Trooper recreation of “Teenage Dream” in which Donal Faison’s Stormtrooper sings about wanting to be a mattress salesman.

The hilarious Star Wars: Detours is coming soon!