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Simon Helberg - "Dr. Horrible 2" Web Series - "We’re all interested in making this"

Monday 21 March 2011, by Webmaster

MediaBlvd> Now I’m sure you’ve been asked this a billion times before, but since I’m a huge Joss Whedon nerd, I have to ask – can you confirm whether there will be a “Dr. Horrible” sequel, and will you be in it? Can you divulge the title?

Simon> Last I heard, Joss [Whedon] is making some indie movie called “The Avengers” [laughs], he’s using Kickstarter for it too, I’m sure [laughs]. Anyways, he’s going to be making “The Avengers,” which is going to take up some time, obviously. All I know is that we’re all interested in making this, and by all, I mean – Joss, his brothers, Zack and Jed, Jed’s wife Maurissa – they’re the ones that wrote it. Neil [Patrick Harris], Nathan [Fillion], and Felicia [Day] are all interested last I heard. I also heard that there’s a story, and that they’re writing some sort of incarnation of it, whether it be a film or another web video, or even a stage play. I’ve heard rumors for all of that. About the job, I know that there was a concept, but I don’t know how far along they were in terms of writing it, or the medium they want to make it for, but I can say we’re all excited to be a part of whatever comes of it. We had such fun doing the first one, and I can pretty much say that there will be something else involving Dr. Horrible, and I would assume it [the sequel] would be on a bigger scale than what we thought. That’s my feeling based on what I’ve heard from Joss and everybody. We’ll just have to wait until Joss finishes that sweet little action project, “The Avengers.” [laughs]