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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Simon Helberg - "Dr. Horrible 2" Web Series - Ign.com Interview

Saturday 27 March 2010, by Webmaster

Doctor Horrible Sequel Update

Cast members discuss the possibility of the webseries becoming a feature film.

US, March 26, 2010 - Ever since Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog made a big splash on the web, fans have been wondering – where’s the sequel? Recently, on a visit to the set of The Big Bang Theory, I couldn’t help but ask Simon Helberg (who played "Moist" in Doctor Horrible), if he’d heard anything about another chapter in the Horrible story.

Said Helberg, "Yes and no. I have talked to Joss [Whedon] and some of the other guys at points, particularly when we did that little thing on the Emmys, and I know that there is something being written. I don’t know if it is written, and I don’t know what medium it’s for. I don’t know if it’s for theatre, for internet, for film, but I know that everybody is very excited to do it. I’ve heard mumblings about the story, and it sounds epic and amazing."

In a recent interview with MTV, the doctor himself, Neil Patrick Harris, indicated the follow-up could indeed be a feature film.

Neil Patrick Harris in Doctor Horrible So when might the next Doctor Horrible story actually go into production? "I think [the issue] is mainly about scheduling, I’m guessing," noted Helberg, adding, "I’m assuming it’s not happening this summer, because no one’s heard about it. Joss Whedon fans will wait forever. Even if we could do something quick, a little thing, like as a teaser, it would be fun, but I’m just gonna wait for them to call. It’ll be fun. I know people are excited for it."

Joss Whedon of course has an incredibly loyal and often intense fandom. When this was mentioned to Helberg he nodded and said with a laugh, "Thank god I didn’t know. That works well, when that can happen, when you can go into something and not grasp the scope of it, because it can be very intimidating."

Helberg actually knew Whedon’s brothers — and Doctor Horrible collaborators — Zack and Jed from school, but admitted he was not familiar with Joss’ work when he got the role of Moist. Helberg said that while he began to watch Whedon’s work afterward, he didn’t understand the fandom, "until Comic-Con actually. I mean, I didn’t even understand what was going on with these questions about things", recalling how baffled he was to hear people say they were from "Whedonopolis."

Summed up Helberg, "He’s a genius, and so are his brothers too. It’s a powerhouse of a family. They’re amazing."