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From Hollywoodnorthreport.com

Smallville 4x03 Devoted - Behind The Scene Photos

Monday 23 August 2004, by xanderbnd

Half of HNR’s famed photog duo the “Doobie Brothers” caught up to Smallville filming in East Vancouver’s Templeton Secondary School better known to many as “Smallville High”. In the pictures posted you can see series stars Tom Welling standing on the sidelines of the school field and Kristin Kreuk sitting in a dunk tank.

An extra on the set helped to clarify what was happening in the filming by a post on the HNR message boards. The Amanda he mentions is a VJ on Much Music who apparently did a cameo role a few days ago on Smallville.

“hey guys.. i cant confirm the possibility of amanda being on smallville... but who knows now adays.. i finished filming today i did 13 hours and got a box lunch ..... BLAH.. but w/e........we had alot of fun today i played a football player.. there was cheering and stuff like that it was a pep rally from the beginning of of smallville.. back to when clarks first day at school... very fun !! anyways.. thats all for now.. taking the day off tomorrow !!! Later All

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