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Smallville 4x13 Recruit - Spoilers

Friday 19 November 2004, by xanderbnd

The teaser starts with Lois in a Metropolis University dorm with an inebriated football player named Coop. He’s wearing Met-U boxers. Lois and Coop are going to have a drinking game, to see who can out-drink the other. Lois warns him he’s not playing with Susie Sorority here, and he tells her to stop talking and start drinking. Lois slugs down her drink like apple juice. Coop winces. "What’s the matter? Need a cracker to keep it down?"
- Another football player enters the room. He’s the charismatic senior star tailback of the team, and his name is Geoff Johns. We’re wondering if this name is going to stay, and if he does, we wonder if this guy knows the Flash.
- As Lois and Coop leave, Coop says "I’ve got another game for you," and wants a kiss. Lois says "I’ve got a game for you, Football. It’s called hide and go seek. I’ll hide, and you count to a billion." Coop still tries to go after Lois, and she hits him. Hard. But soon after Lois leaves him, Coop is approached by someone else and presumably attacked. Who? That would ruin the episode, wouldn’t it?
- Clark is visiting Metropolis University and meets Geoff Johns and two of the school’s sorority girls. As he’s getting a tour, guess who is hiding in the closet? Yep, Clark’s favorite person... Lois!
- There’s a scene of Clark playing football alongside the Metropolis Bulldogs with Geoff & co. The coach, Calloway, gives Clark a blue and white jersey, and says "I’m sure you’ll make the right decision." Guess they want to recruit Clark?
- A police officer comes to Lois’s dorm at 7 in the morning. She’s under arrest.
- There is a tragedy that happens involving a hot tub and alcohol, and the coach is nowhere to be found. Lois introduces herself as "the patsy being framed for what happened to Coop."
- Clark apologizes for Lois’s behavior. "She’s been under a lot of stress lately." Lois tells him no, that’s not it. "Stress is when you get stuck in traffic, or have a midterm for a class you’ve never been to. I’m under arrest."
- "That young lady seems like trouble," Coach Calloway tells Clark, who is trying to calm things down.
- Geoff Johns and a friend of his named Marcus meet privately, and something is said about Geoff’s urine sample being "as pure as the Pope’s."
- Lois and Chloe decide to investigate. Lois comes to Marcus and asks if "anyone knows where to get some clean number-one around here." *Sigh* Lois. How we missed her.