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Spike : After The Fall

"Spike : After The Fall" Comic Book - Issue 2 - Good Quality Artwork

Saturday 14 June 2008, by Webmaster

Trapped in hell, surrounded by evil, and now, someone’s taken his Primordium Demon away Spike goes on the offensive, and faces off against the most evil creature in town. Maybe Angel’s Dragon can help mattersÖ but probably not. The next chapter of Spike and Illyria’s story before Angel: After the Fall continues, courtesy of the Angel: After the Fall team of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru! The Sharp Brothers offer a special variant cover. And ask your retailer how to get the ’grindhouse’-inspired version of their cover, too!"

In anticipation of the coming SPIKE: AFTER THE FALL series, here’s a nice spread showing Spike and his dragon... although isn’t this supposed to be Angel’s dragon? First Buffy, now this, eh, Spike?

Er, sorry, I lost myself for a second, pondering some "Spagon" fan-fiction... anyway, enjoy the artistic stylings of Franco Urru and Art Lyon from issue 2.