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Stephanie Romanov - About his Career - Globalpop.com Interview

dimanche 26 mars 2006, par Webmaster

Stephanie Romanov

Lilah Morgan (1999-2004)

I’m happy to say that Stephanie Romanov is very sweet and friendly in person. She is a total contrast to the driven and manipulative evil corporate lawyer, Lilah Morgan from the TV series ANGEL.

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Romanov is a famous Russian name. Stephanie is of Russian descent.

GlobalPop:What is a question that you wish journalists would ask but never do ? She thought for a moment and was unsure. So, I jokingly asked. What’s your favorite color ?

Stephanie Romanov :"Green. Lilah green."

I think that she was kind of in an alliteration and poetic mood so next came the phrase, "limousine diamonds and the color green."

GlobalPop : Do you remember much of the dialogue from ANGEL ? Do you have any favorite one-liners ?

Stephanie Romanov :"Some scripts stick."

GlobalPop : Was it difficult having to have recite so much dialogue in legalese "lawyer speak" ?

Stephanie Romanov :"No."

GlobalPop : How many CONS have you attended ?

Stephanie Romanov :"A bunch." Her sister was there and filled me in that STEPHANIE has attended 9 cons, including 4 in the UK.

GlobalPop : What were your childhood influences that inspired your interest in acting ?

Stephanie Romanov :"I’m a movie buff. Musicals for sure. I was really interested in ballet." Acting was a fallback to pursue if her dreams of being a ballerina never happened.

GlobalPop : Do you maintain a personal library ?

Stephanie Romanov :"My movie library is mostly DVD. I TIVO alot of stuff, too."

GlobalPop : Can you name 3 movies from your library ?

Stephanie Romanov :"SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION" She loves the movie overall and the performance by Morgan Freeman



both STEPHANIE and her husband both love DRUGSTORE COWBOY

GlobalPop : Do you get into the special features of any DVDs ? Is commentary interesting to you ?

Stephanie Romanov :"Not really, commentary is not a concern."

GlobalPop : Do you own vinyl records ?

Stephanie Romanov :"Not now. I had a huge Vinyl collection at one time, but gave it away." I love music of all kinds."

GlobalPop : Can you name some of your favorites ?

Stephanie Romanov : Not really a favorite, but she eventually mentioned that she likes to sing. STEPHANIE recorded an album at age 19 called SHAKE JACK & STELLA "I was Stella."

GlobalPop : Can you name 3 books from your library ?

Stephanie Romanov : PRIDE & PREJUDICE ,THE KNOWN WORLD. I just read it recently.I love all kinds of biographies. LIFE OF PI."

I jokingly asked her how many decimal points can she recall for PI.

Stephanie Romanov : "PI = 3.14" She said that two decimals was enough to have to deal with.

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