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Suntimes.com readers give their favorite TV non-couples (boreanaz mention)

Doug Elfman

Sunday 17 December 2006, by Webmaster

Last week, I asked readers to vote for their favorite unrequited TV romances, those Ross-and-Rachel non-couples who flirt with each other, or who break up a lot, but rarely hook up for good. I received 3,000 words’ worth of replies.

The pair you mentioned most often was Veronica (Kirsten Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring) on "Veronica Mars," which is funny since "Veronica’s" ratings are low. They’re now broken up.

Other popular pairs:

• Jim and Pam on "The Office." (They’ve never had sex.)

• Bones and Booth on "Bones." (They’ve not done it.)

• Lorelai and Luke on "Gilmore Girls." (They’ve split.)

"Bones" inspires the most passion. Reader "Twokeets" from Evanston compares Bones and Booth’s "kittenish back-and-forth" to "subtle and moving interplay often found in classic Hollywood movies (Gable and Lombard, Tracy and Hepburn)."

Women fantasize most about Jim (John Krasinski) and Booth (David Boreanaz).

"Nothing is hotter than David Boreanaz," Melissa from Oak Lawn says.

The flirting non-couple that angers viewers is Kate and Sawyer on "Lost." People either want them to pair up for good — they had sex once in a cage, which I forgot to mention last week — or to get killed to death and die, die, die.

"I stopped watching that show because there wasn’t enough action between [Kate and Sawyer]," says Carolyn from Bensenville. "Oh yeah, and because watching that show is like reading a really long book that never ends. Just do it already!"

I also asked which non-couple should do an X-rated film. Many mentioned Veronica and Logan, or Pam and Jim, but Rob from Hebron wisely declares, "There’s even a question here? ’Dark Angel’s’ Jessica Alba and the other guy (who cares what his name was)."

Friendly Eve of Montreal gets her nitty-gritty on for homoerotic heat:

"I’d really like to see Clark and Lex hook up on ’Smallville.’ They’ve been stretching out their lingering looks sooo long," Eve says. "I just want to see those crazy kids get together and make it work, if only for a night."

Many readers are frustrated that shows are dragging out romances. Mike from Geneva says TV writers turned the cat-and-mouse of Drs. Grey and McDreamy on "Grey’s Anatomy" into "filler for each episode," because they were creatively lazy.

Alexa of San Francisco is perturbed by "The Office," even though she considers it the most romantic show on TV.

" ’The Office’ has ceased to be fun," Alexa says. "I don’t know if Jim and Pam are the longest unrequited love in TV history, but it feels like it!"

Lauren of Madison, Wis., loves Pam and Jim but she’s ready to beat them "over the head with a rolling pin," because "life and love shouldn’t be this complicated. Either saddle up or get out.

"Good TV doesn’t need to revolve around finding ways to keep the popular couple apart. In fact, good TV should revolve around creative and interesting ways to get that couple together," Lauren says.

Meanwhile, Roy of Chicago registers a more serious complaint: "All of the couples are white. Yes, I understand things about casting, demographics, genres, etc., but this is ridiculous."

Barbara from Northbrook wants Betty of "Ugly Betty" to "take off her glasses and get her braces off and passionately kiss her boss already." Chicago Mary begs of "CSI," "Please let us see one on-camera kiss between Grissom and Sara."

Some readers have ulterior motives. Kurt of Gardner wants Horatio (David Caruso) and Calleigh (Emily Procter) to "run away together," because it "would remove the two worst actors from ’CSI: Miami," one conceited ham and one monotonic bimbo."