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TV Gal Starts Campaigning (whedonverse actors mentions)

Amy Amatangelo

Monday 30 January 2006, by Webmaster

Before I took a week off: six broadcast networks. After I took a week off: five broadcast networks. If this is the TV gods way of telling me that they missed me, a postcard from Mt. Spelling would have sufficed. My head is still spinning from the fact that The WB and UPN will merge to form one network (The CW) next fall. And I can’t believe that the best name they could come up with was The CW. I understand The WC wouldn’t be great either, but please.

The press release announcing the merger mentions the following shows: "America’s Next Top Model," "Beauty and the Geek," "Smallville," "Gilmore Girls," "Supernatural," "Veronica Mars," "Everybody Hates Chris," "Girlfriend," "Reba" and "Smackdown." My guess is that this puts all other unstated shows in peril (I know, I know, how will we live without "South Beach"?). So if you want to start lighting candles for my favorite show, "Everwood," that would be an excellent idea. Last week when I was at press tour, The WB wouldn’t confirm the show had been picked up for next season so things seem even more dire now that we’ll have one less network next season. Let’s take a moment to hold hands and think good "Everwood" thoughts.

What else happened while I was away?

The Others, headed up by that oh-so-creepy guy who snatched Walt, returned to "Lost" (and p.s. what’s up with Libby?), Jonathan Kent died on "Smallville" (can you believe it? My money was so on Chloe). It was announced that this would be the final season for "Malcolm in the Middle," "That ’70s Show," and "The West Wing." I’ll miss the Oval Office drama (which has been on a creative high this season), but the good news is that the end of the show should bring a much desired conclusion to the Donna-and-Josh relationship (you don’t want to be near me if the series ends and those two aren’t together). And word is that they’ve approached Rob Lowe to return for the final episode. As so many of you have pointed out, Sodapop would make a fabulous Vice President.

What do you think of The CW network? What are you upset about with TV these days? Talk about it on the TV Gal message boards.

Quotes of the Week

"Brain transplants, Britney Spears having another hit record, The Rolling Stones going on a farewell tour and actually meaning it, me caring about anything that happens on Wisteria Lane, Jessica Simpson winning an Oscar, Jessica Alba winning an Oscar, Jessica Simpson becoming Jessica Alba Simpson." Dr. Cox listing in 10 seconds all the things that will happen before Carla wins the lottery on "Scrubs." Thanks to Jarett for getting the entire quote.

"Welcome to the S.H., bitch!" Zach to Lane’s uncle (who he thought was her new boyfriend) on "Gilmore Girls." This was the most popular quote of the week and Ted was the first to submit it.

"There you are. I’ve hardly seen you this episode!" Denny to Alan on "Boston Legal." Thanks to Bob for being the first to submit this quote.

"When we find the nerve gas and the alert level drops, we can have some chamomile tea and I can tell you all my secrets, okay?" Chloe to Edgar on "24." Thanks to Mike and Kate for being the first to submit this quote.

"She’s kind of cute, right? You know, in an I’ve-been-terrorized-by-The-Others-for-40 days kind of way." Hurley to Charlie about Libby on "Lost." Thanks to Michelle and Melissa for the quote. "Jim and I are great friends. We hang out a ton — mostly at work." Michael about Jim on "The Office."

"I get 10 vacation days a year and I try to hold off on taking them for as long as possible, and this year I made it to the third week of January." Pam on "The Office."

"What’s wrong with the two of you? Seriously. He likes you and you like him; just be together. Jeez Louise. Happiness is not that difficult." Lily to Robin on "How I Met Your Mother." Here’s hoping the show listens to Lily.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Just about everyone recognized Ashley Williams, Dylan on "Good Morning, Miami" as Victoria on "How I Met Your Mother." You’ll also be able to see her in the upcoming season of Showtime’s "Huff."

Well, Tom was in an uproar that Jeff Kober, Rack on "Buffy," Dodger on "China Beach" and Daedalus on "Kindred: The Embraced" was the assassin that killed both President Palmer and Michelle on "24."

Robert Michael Morris, Mickey on "The Comeback," was Tommy, the man Jack helped come out on "Will & Grace."

Adam recognized that Allison Smith was the wife of the man Elliot kissed on "Scrubs" and she was last week’s missing person on "Without a Trace." She was Leo’s daughter Mallory on "The West Wing" and, of course, Jennie on "Kate & Allie." This season she’s also seen on "The Closer," "House" and "Close to Home." Yeah, she’s going straight into the so-deserves-her-own show file.

Heather and Kristina recognized Dagney Kerr, Buffy’s demon roommate on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," was Dr. Ron’s nurse on "Desperate Housewives."

Jessica recognized Taylor Cole, Erika on "Summerland," as the girlfriend of the dead man on "CSI" and Brandi on "Numb3rs."

Lauren Tom was the girlfriend of the man who ate his book on "Grey’s Anatomy." Tom was Dana on Showtime’s "Barbershop," the voice of Minh on "King of the Hill," but is probably best remembered as Ross’s girlfriend, Julie, from the first and second season of "Friends."

Michael Learned, Olivia Walton on "The Waltons," has been playing Mrs. Wilk on "Scrubs."

All this week’s bonus points go to Kathie who recognized Milena Govich as Tom’s soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Gabby on "Love Monkey." Govich was Candy, the prostitute who swindled Lou for money on "Rescue Me." Thanks Kathie. That was driving me crazy too.

Highlights of the Week Ahead All times listed are Eastern Time for Jan. 30 to Feb. 5

I don’t even pretend to try to understand network thinking. But from the minute I watched "Emily’s Reasons Why Not," I knew it was a horrible, grating, lifeless, unfunny (it seems cruel to go on) show. And ABC must have known the same thing. So why endlessly promote the show (there are huge billboards where I live. Are there huge billboards still up where you live?) only to pull it after one episode? Seems to me that it would be much more economically sound to put the show out of its misery before even airing it. But what’s even more egregious is the shabby treatment of "Jake in Progress." ABC made a surprise move to pick up the show for a second season preventing Wendie Malick from joining The WB’s "Modern Men" (Jane Seymour took over her role) and Stamos from joining the cast of "ER" (although word is he’ll be back). So why do all that only to air the show once and immediately pull it?

Trust me. You must watch this episode of "Gilmore Girls" (Tuesday, WB, 8 p.m.). You know my favorite moments on this show are the ones that capitalize on the intergenerational relationships. Get ready for a Friday night showdown and don’t miss the final 10 minutes of the show.

In the words of Chandler Bing, could "Four Kings" (Thursday, NBC, 8:30 p.m.) be any more derivative? Jason’s boss is a little like Chandler’s boss on "Friends," don’t you think? The gang hangs out in a coffee shop with an obsessed employee and just last week there was a high school videotape that prompted romantic feelings. Seth Green remains hilarious. Let’s give him material worth his talent.

February sweeps begins Thursday night, and James Woods kicks off the month with a guest turn on "ER" (Thursday, NBC, 10 p.m.). He’ll play Abby’s former medical school professor who is suffering from ALS. Hmmm ... does this remind anyone of when Alan Alda guest-starred a Dr.Weaver’s former professor suffering from Alzheimer’s? By the way, because most of the networks want to get out of the way of the Winter Olympics, February sweeps will be much more low-key than usual.

So how cute is Anthony La Paglia these days on "Without a Trace" (Thursday, CBS, 10 p.m.)? A smitten Jack is good times, don’t you think? This week’s episode takes Jack to Tokoyo (for real, several scenes were filmed there) and Keiko Agena, Lane on "Gilmore Girls," guest stars. And congratulations are in order for Agena. I learned at press tour that she recently got married.

It’s the 100th episode of "The Bernie Mac Show" Friday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

The plot of Super Bowl episode of "Grey’s Anatomy" (right after the Super Bowl Sunday on ABC at approximately 10:15 p.m.) is top secret. But we know something big happens, something bad happens and that Christina Ricci and Kyle Chandler are the guest stars. The episode is titled "It’s the End of the World" and was written by series creator Shonda Rhimes.

To the TV Gal Reader Belongs the Spoils

You know the rules. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

The romance between Stacy and House will heat up on "House" before Stacy eventually exits the series. This will bring Currie Graham (currently Lynette’s boss on "Desperate Housewives") back to the series as Stacy’s husband.

"Arrested Development" is exiting FOX with a bevy of special guest stars. Remember this is for four back-to-back episodes on Friday, Feb. 10 opposite a little thing called the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. Judge Reinhold, William Hung, Justine Bateman, and Jamie Kennedy will all be in the episodes. Remember Justine Bateman will be playing Michael’s possible long lost sister while GOB ends up arrested in Iraq and the series will end its run on FOX as it began — with a party aboard the Bluth family yacht.

Beth Broderick will return as Kate’s mom on "Lost" while The Others attempt to kidnap Sun.

In the last airing of "Scrubs" before NBC goes into Winter Olympics mode, Mandy Moore will guest as J.D.’s latest love interest. Elliot will be the one giving J.D. advice about his relationship, which let’s be honest, doesn’t bode well.

Emily invites Luke over to dinner on "Gilmore Girls" while Rory takes over the Yale Daily News. This doesn’t go over well with Paris, who kicks Rory out of their apartment. One guess as to where Rory ends up living. And February will also bring the return of Christopher.

Christine Taylor will guest star as Earl’s new romantic interest on "My Name Is Earl," while "The Office" will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Poor Jim.

The network still temporarily known as UPN loves Kristin Cavallari. She’s got the new show "Get This Party Started" and on Feb. 15, she’ll guest star on "Veronica Mars." The erstwhile gal from "Laguna Beach" will play a gay teen who is being blackmailed. Also Tina Majorino returns as Mac.

That’s all for today. I’m back next Monday with a look at some of my favorite story lines this season, thoughts on "Veronica Mars," "Boston Legal," "American Idol" (I can’t wait until they get to Hollywood) and more. Have question, seen a familiar face, have an inside scoop or want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com by clicking on my byline at the top of my column.