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TV Gal Steals Some Second Looks on Fall 2005 Series (james marsters mention)

Amy Amatangelo

Tuesday 25 October 2005, by Webmaster

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - - We have no TV secrets from each other.

So I feel like I must confess that I laughed, yes actually laughed out loud, during last week’s episode of "Freddie" (Wednesday, ABC, 8:30 p.m.). "Freddie" might be my new favorite good bad comedy. Call it the "Suddenly Susan" phenomenon. I know a show isn’t actually good, but I make a point to watch it every week. There’s a certain comfort in the commonplace.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The last time this happened I had to form a "Good Morning Miami" support group (and memo to the members of this anonymous group: your secret is still safe with me.) But, call me crazy, I actually think the show could have some potential. The dynamic between Chris (Brian Austin Green) and Freddie (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) is the best part of the show and Green’s comic timing is spot-on. He made the entire scene where Freddie finds out that Chris slept with his sister years ago hilarious. (Yes, this is when I laughed out loud.) The comedy continues to play up the boys’ ring-a-ding friendship (to the point where I think ABC will never air the series’ pilot). I’m not saying that "Freddie" is a brilliant comedy but I sure am watching it more than I ever thought I would. [0]

Sure, we all know I continue to be in love with "My Name Is Earl," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Everybody Hates Chris" (I heart Barney), but it made me think what other shows did I perhaps dismiss too quickly? What other series deserve a second look? Here’s two I’ve paid more attention to since my original review.

# "Commander In Chief" (Tuesday, ABC, 9 p.m.): I originally thought this show was too simple (President good, Speaker of the House and that "Species" lady bad). And I still believe that is the main problem. It’s melodramatic, predictable and simply not gripping. But Kyle Secor is terrific (and oh-so-sexy) as the First Gentleman and the rest of the cast is pretty great too (including Leslie Hope, Ever Carradine and Donald Sutherland). But there’s no gray area, no nuance and most importantly no reason to tune in every week (although so many of you are, please advise). But Steven Bochco is coming on board as the showrunner. And if anybody ever knew about multi-layered characters and complicated dialogue, it’s Bochco. And if I ask nicely, maybe we’ll even get a guest appearance from Dennis Franz. I’m not completely ruling this show out until I see what the genius behind "NYPD Blue" does with it. I would love it if Bochco could start with mussing up Geena Davis’ helmet hair, toning down her obnoxiously red lips, and cracking the code on her immovable face.

# "Invasion" (Wednesday, ABC, 10 p.m.): This alien invasion show gets better every week, and it was just picked up for a full season. But the best part of the show is William Fichtner’s brilliantly evasive performance as the town’s sheriff. Is Tom good, bad, evil or just drawn that way? In cahoots with the light thingies in the water or just as clueless as the rest of the town? Every time I think I’ve figured him out, the show throws me in another direction. The speech Tom gave at the end of last week’s episode was a perfect example of that. I definitely dismissed this show too quickly and I heard from executive producer Shaun Cassidy himself that we’ll get the answers to many of the questions posed in the pilot during November sweeps. How can we not stick around to watch?

And oh, fret not, I was totally right about "Surface," "E-Ring," "Night Stalker," "Criminal Minds" — well, you get the idea. What shows are you watching that you thought you never would? What shows turned out to be better than you thought they would be? Talk about it on the TV Gal message board.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Anytime I think perhaps it’s just me who continues the torch for "90210," you all remind me that I am not alone. (Seriously, did you ever know that you’re my hero?) A slew of TV Gal readers wrote in to remind me that Cress Williams, who played Nathan Wood, the man who knew Alicia on "Veronica Mars," was D’Shawn Hardell on "90210." Williams was also Officer Reggie Moore on "ER" and Dr. Sam Magala on "Providence."

Thomas Ian Nicholas, Kevin in all the "American Pie" movies, was the patient with cystic fibrosis on "Grey’s Anatomy." Katherine LaNasa, Bess on "Three Sisters," Yvonne on "Judging Amy" and Michelle on "NYPD Blue," was the woman who made herself sick.

Nicole recognized Michael McMillian, dear, sweet Henry on "What I Like About You," was Paul, the college kid who got away with murder on "Without a Trace."

Just about everyone recognized Samm Levine, Neal on "Freaks & Geeks," as the man waiting in line to get in the club on "How I Met Your Mother."

Quotes of the Week

"I’m going to sit back and enjoy your impersonation of a mildly constipated David Caruso." Veronica to the sheriff on "Veronica Mars."

"Oh, don’t judge me. You aren’t here because you got caught helping the poor." Gabrielle to an inmate on "Desperate Housewives." Thanks to Damian for the quote.

"Do I look like Paris Hilton?" Dean on "Supernatural" while being filmed with a night vision camera. Thanks to Bekah for the quote.

"Sometimes I forget how young she is, she’s got that Dakota Fanning thing going on, she acts like a 40-year-old. It freaks me out." Bright to Ephram about Delia on "Everwood."

"I feel devalued. I always wanted to go out with my pride. Failing that, at least my old time slot." Denny to Alan on "Boston Legal." Thanks to Maureen and Lance for the quote.

"Aren’t you that Camden who usually finds out everything last? You know, because if I change something as basic to the family structure as that, this whole family might fall apart." Simon to Lucy on "7th Heaven." Thanks to Anthony for the quote.

"So, Seoul ... that in the good Korea or the bad Korea?" Hurley to Sun on "Lost." Thanks to David for the quote.

Highlights of the Week Ahead All times listed are Eastern Time for Oct. 24 to 30.

It’s Rory 21st birthday on "Gilmore Girls" (Tuesday, WB, 8 p.m.). But because of their ongoing estrangement, Lorelai will not be spending the day with the Yale dropout. I can’t wait to see how Richard and Emily react to finding out that Logan and Rory are having s-e-x.

You know what’s funny about "Supernatural" (Tuesday, WB, 9 p.m.)? Every special effect is perfectly eerie, yet when the brothers are driving in the car it looks totally fake. Let’s work on that boys, because your show is too good to look cheap like that.

Do you think instead of the much promoted Jack/Ana Lucia/Kate triangle, we’ll instead have the not-talked-about-at-all Sawyer/Ana Lucia/Kate triangle on "Lost" (Wednesday, ABC, 9 p.m.) It certainly seems like Kate had put a note to Sawyer in that bottle (Dear Sawyer: You look cute in those glasses. If you like me back, check "yes" or "no." Love, Kate) and she seems to be so over Jack’s drama. This week, ABC repeats the second episode of the season.

Carrie Fisher guest stars as the editor of The Daily Planet on "Smallville" (Thursday, WB, 8 p.m.). Meanwhile, I’ve got to start watching this show again because James Marsters will be heavily seen in the November sweeps episodes.

One of my favorite things about "CSI" (Thursday, CBS, 9 p.m.) this season is that we continue to see how Nick is haunted by his experience in last season’s finale but it’s never really talked about. So there’s not a moment where Nick says, "I don’t want to go into that cave because I was trapped in a coffin." But he just looks incredibly apprehensive. It’s continuing to help George Eads give his best performance on the show to date.

It is so preposterous that Susan would send Zach off into the unknown on "Desperate Housewives" (Sunday, ABC, 9 p.m.). The once-hot-perhaps-soon-to-be-not series will only work if we believe in the characters, and the Susan I knew last season would never give Mary Alice’s obviously deeply troubled son some cash and send him on his way. I don’t care if he’s still in love with Julie or if he held Susan at gunpoint, a mother would never let a child go like that. I’m thinking Mike wants to get off Wisteria Lane once in a while because there are a lot better women for him to be dating. It’s hard to believe he would even be interested in Susan anymore.

To the TV Gal Reader Belongs the Spoils

Darlings you know the rules. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

The good ol’ boys reunite when Tom Wopat is on "Smallville on Nov. 3.

It’s going to be old home month on "Veronica Mars" with the return of Abel Koontz, Alyson Hannigan as Logan’s half-sister and Harry Hamlin as Logan’s father.

Hannah’s father will pass away on "Everwood" and Hannah will think about returning home. Ephram will ask Reid not to date Amy.

Lots of familiar faces return to "Gilmore Girls." Milo Ventimiglia is back as Jess and he just might be the one to convince Rory that perhaps it’s time to go back to Yale. Oh, and you didn’t think Jess wouldn’t fight with Logan, did you? David Sutcliffe will be back as Christopher. Mother and daughter will move to reconciliation. And there’s a big plot line brewing in Luke’s world. It involves a person he didn’t know about coming into his life. Come on, you can get this one.

The brothers will return to their childhood home on "Supernatural" and they will briefly find their father.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back next week with a check in on some of our favorites including "Alias" (can they reset the clock?), "Veronica Mars" (I’m having a complete love affair with this show) and "The West Wing" (where I will hold a "Where’s Donna?" rally). And I’ll finally reveal which show is getting the silent treatment from me (I can’t believe you haven’t guessed yet). Have a question, seen a familiar face, have an inside scoop or want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com by clicking on my byline at the top of my column.