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From Browncoatevents.com

Joss Whedon

Thank Joss Whedon Project by Browncoatevents.com

Sunday 7 August 2005, by Webmaster

Browncoat Events will be going to the World Premiere of Serenity in Edinburgh on 22nd August 2005 which Joss Whedon and some of the cast will be attending. We would like to present Joss with a big Thank You in the form of a folder with all your personal thank you messages, artwork or however you would like to express yourself.

There will be three ways you can give us your message.

1. At the fan table - there will be a message book at the table where you can leave your message, or piece of artwork.
2. At the Shindig - there will be a message book especially for the attendees of the Shindig.
3. If you can’t make it to the Fan Table or Shindig complete the form below to send your message. Feel free to send a scanned image/photo of any artwork by using the e-mail address given under the message box.

Some Rules

1. Keep your message short and sweet - you want Joss to read it not skip through it
2. Keep it clean, courteous and non-offensive. Any offensive items will not be included.
3. Any artwork must be no bigger than A4 size.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 19th August.

Click on the link : http://www.browncoatevents.com/message.html