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The Avengers

"The Avengers" Movie - Ending Credits by The Method Design - Watch The Video

Friday 11 May 2012, by Webmaster

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The Method Design team was excited to be awarded the mission of creating the main title and main-on-end sequence for this eagerly anticipated feature. Packed full of comic book hero’s, brought to life in stunning 3D; the blockbuster received much acclaim upon its worldwide release.

The two minute main-on-end title sequence was created entirely in CG and portrays a photo realistic flyby of the super heroes’ weaponry and armor – all in macroscopic detail. The artists set out to create a beautifully detailed sequence which identifies the scars of combat. The aim was to allow the audience to recognize the physical effects of the battles waged by the characters – while the heroes have super-human strength; they are not immune from the impacts of war.

The flowing camera moves seamlessly between each scene and the minute attention to detail, mixed with the macro rendering and stereoscopic compositing, were combined to dramatic effect and utilized the latest technologies to execute.

All of the environments were designed, modeled, textured, and lit alongside custom built foreground elements and a variety of assets provided by Marvel. Assets from the franchise were heavily re-modeled and re-surfaced in order to stand up to the extreme close-ups required. Method Design also created the custom typeface for the main title "The Avengers" as well as 30 credits appearing throughout the sequence.

Creative Director for Method Design in LA, Steve Viola comments, “Many of the shots in the piece employ complex transitions that proved challenging with varying lenses, scene depths and text positioned in stereo. We were pleased with the resulting sequence, which while CG, is completely believable.”