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The Avengers

"The Avengers" Movie - Mark Ruffalo not doing motion-capture ?

Saturday 29 January 2011, by Webmaster

Brandon Molale Has Auditioned To Play CGI Hulk In The Avengers?

According to Brandon Molale’s official twitter account, the actor has auditioned to do the motion capture for Hulk in The Avengers! This presumably means Mark Ruffalo will only be portraying Bruce Banner in human form...

Here’s what he posted:

Click on the link :


This seems to clash with what Mark Ruffalo had previously said about being the first person to "actually play the Hulk". So perhaps the film-makers decided his body wouldn’t work well enough with motion capture and have decided to go with someone more muscular? It’s worth noting that Ruffalo and Molale do look reasonably similar (facially).

What do you CBMers think about this? Are you intrigued that we’ll potentially be having three actors pool into the same character (Ruffalo, Ferrigno, and maybe Molale)?