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From Collegian.com

’The Ring 2’ Movie - Collegian.com Review (sarah michelle gellar mention)

By Ryan Skeels

Monday 21 March 2005, by Webmaster

"The Ring 2" a well of a good time

Of all the latest trends happening in the movie world right now, the let’s-remake-every-good-Asian-horror/thriller craze is definitely sticking out like a sore thumb. First there was the Americanized version of "Ringu," which stayed fairly true to the original and managed to find it’s place in the top three of most movie-goer’s ’Scariest Movies of 2002 list. Then there was "The Grudge," a remake of the 2003 "Ju-on" which unfortunately starred Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Now, just when everyone thought it was safe to make a movie in Japan, the director of the original "Ringu" movies decided to westernize his own sequel! When the rumor hit the fan of a remake of "Ringu 2," ridicule showed no sign of stopping. Fortunately folks, most of the criticism turned upside down and director Hideo Nakata managed to bring a great cast and a descent sequel to the ever-expanding mono-cultural American screen.

Aidan and his mother Rachel, played by the holy-smokes-you’re-smokin’ Naomi Watts, have moved from Seattle to Astoria, Ore., to try and leave their well-diving days behind and start anew. You see, in case you missed the craze, the two used to live up there in Washington happily-ever after until journalist Rachel gets turned onto this tape with a very disturbing short video. Unbeknownst to Rachel once you have seen the video your phone rings and a raspy voice tells you that in exactly one week, you will be killed way of a girl walking out of a television and well, hurting you. Sounds cheesy, but it was actually very well done.

Anyhow, here in there new home in Oregon everything seems to be fine until one day at her new editing job Rachel hears of a young boy was found dead in front of his television with a look on his face enough to scare any troll back under the bridge. After a little investigation, she finds the suspect tape, brings it to a bum-fire bin and burns it alive, leaving the melted curse behind with the most premature "phew" in history. If only Rachel knew there’s no rest for the wicked and Samara, the eerily horrific girl from the video, is not about to go out in a pile of plastic.

If David Dorfman and Dakota Fanning got married they would official be the cutest/creepiest/youngest couple in Hollywood. David Dorfman played Aidan in "The Ring" and the wide-eyed Jedidiah in the latest "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie. He graces the screen once more in "The Ring 2" as the same Aidan but this time with much more complicated problems then before.

The movie is more or less a bombardment of hand-over-your-eyes parts and never gives the audience a second to rest. You know the scene: main character brushing teeth, notices medicine cabinet isn’t quite shut. You start yelling at the screen, "no, no it’s fine, don’t shut it, the villain is right behind you!" Then they shut it and, sure enough, there’s the monster breathing right down there neck. Well "The Ring 2" is like that, but for the entire hour forty-five. There’s also some cheesiness and a very ridiculous movie ending quote, but all in all it’s a good flick and a descent sequel and just remember to bring a cozy hand to squeeze.

3 out of 4 rams

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