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The TOP FIVE new comics for the week of 8/23/06 (joss whedon mention)

Friday 25 August 2006, by Webmaster

This thread is for brief reviews of the books you’ve actually READ, please. As always, give us your Top Five (or less) favorite new books of the week, along with a sentence or two explaining WHY you dug each.

Instead of complaining about comics that you didn’t like (which you’re always welcome to do with MY books), let’s just stick to talking about ONE TO FIVE comics that you’d recommend to the rest of us.

Gotta put this up early since I have "business" all day tomorrow. Anyway, nothing new from me this week (for once), so please support these sickeningly mainstream books instead:

WONDER WOMAN #2: Allan Heinberg writes the best WW story since I had Clayface eat Diana. Okay, maybe his is a little better...

WALKING DEAD #30: Thirty issues of a black-and-white Image book and still going stronger than ever? Congrats to Kirkman and his zombie minions.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1: I spent so much time speculating about Brad Meltzer’s new JLA lineup, I officially had to surrender my Vertigo credentials.

ASTONISHING X-MEN #16: Because no one makes fun of Wolverine like Whedon.

DRAWING COMICS IS EASY (EXCEPT WHEN IT’S HARD): It’s cool to see a book with glowing quotes from Will Eisner and Robert Crumb, but it’s even cooler when you learn that the creator, Alexa Kitchen, is seven years old (and a way better artist than I). Buy a copy for your kid.

Thanks, BKV