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This Week in TV (eliza dushku mention)

Tuesday 21 February 2006, by Webmaster

Don’t forget to catch “Wonderfalls” at the, ahem, hot new time of 12:30 am Wednesday Mornings. Gotta love it.

Prison Break

SEVEN. Wednesday February 22nd 8:30PM

More addictive than Coke Zero, they say. Things are getting really exciting now - Michael’s about to be transferred so quickly implements his escape plan, whilst Veronica and Nick learn that someone else is just as keen to get their heads on the video that resulted in Lincoln’s conviction - and they’ll do ‘whatever it takes’ to get it. Dare you not to scream at the TV, requesting ‘more!’, once the episode ends.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

MOVIE ONE. Wednesday the 22nd February 10:15 PM

Headlined by Disney regular, Lindsay Lohan, the young starlet who single-handedly carried both the recent remakes of “The Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday”, “Drama Queen” is based on the book by Dyan Sheldon. Not that you’ll see anything on screen that suggests anything was put on paper before the camera started rolling, the movie tells the story of a your archetypal try-hard teenager and her constant charge to be liked. Lola (Lohan) is a self-centered little princess who’s forced to move with her mother to Jersey from her beloved NYC. On her first day of school she realizes she’s got some bitchy rivals - and little by little starts to try and impress them with her incessant tales. When she actually does have a big event happen to her - a night-out with her favourite rocker (enter Garcia) - no one believes her. Ultimately, someone has to look inside herself and realize it ain’t that important to impress cows. Unlike her previous films, “Drama Queen” could be seen as merely a vehicle for Lohan to show off her undiscovered singing and dancing talents. Disney is obviously rewarding her for helping them regain their crowd as the box office kings of family entertainment. But whilst Lohan proves she’s just as good a musician and bopper as she is an actress, sadly there’s little else to recommend about her first gimmick-less feature.

Without a Trace

NINE. Wednesday February 22nd 8:30PM.

As any regular reader of this column knows, I’m not a fan of the cop show, so comparisons to the competition is something you won’t find here. Gotta say though, “Without a Trace”, be it the excellent performance by Anthony LaPaglia every week or the script inscription, is a gripping little show. In tonight’s episode, the team are on the hunt for a kid whose obsessed with the safety of his school and still traumatized after losing a parent and witnessing the catastrophic events of 9/11.

Las Vegas

SEVEN. Thursday 23rd February 7:30 PM

It’s killing “Smallville” (TEN) in the ratings at the moment, and with good reason, this is one helluva fun show. In this week’s ep, Ed is a victim of identity theft and sets out to find the culprit. So much for the doctor’s orders that he relax and de-stress for a while. (The episode of “Smallville” over on TEN is actually a good one tonight though, so maybe record that/record this, and experience the best of both televised worlds).

The Haunted Mansion

MOVIE ONE. Friday the 24th February 8:30 PM

In “The Haunted Mansion”, Eddie Murphy, former wise cracker turned, well, kids-film folly plays a workaholic real estate agent, who, whilst on the way to a weekend getaway with his wife and kids, gets a call from a butler that an owner of a priceless mansion wants to sell. Naturally, the clan makes a quick detour. A storm brews, and the family has to end up staying the night. As per title, they encounter a few lively spirits that skulk the corridors. It’d be easiest to simply blame “The Haunted Mansion” on its inspiration...a theme park ride. Unfortunately, with another ride turned movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” proving that good movies can actually be conceived from the most infinitesimal of ideas - and the most unlikely of places - that’s an off-kilter ruling. Instead, the hitch with Rob Minkoff’s “The Haunted Mansion” is that - and in comparison to the great “Pirates” - it doesn’t seem to have any kind of feasible script, nor fun stratagem from the get-go. Starts and ends with special effects......and likely to send you to sleep by its middle.

All Saints

SEVEN. Tuesday the 28th February 9:30 PM

One of the veterans of the Australian drama club returns for all new episodes. Some pretty powerful stuff tonight. Nelson’s out for vengeance on the SOB that murdered Kerry. Those “Country Practice” comparisons just ended. (Still, seems to be missing a beat since Georgie Parker said bye-bye to her nurse’s uniform).


1 “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (Thursday 23rd February, 12:00 AM, NINE). Some great stuff as Larry’s big stage debut in “The Producers” approaches. 2. “The West Wing” (Thursday 23rd February, 9:30 PM). NINE’s loss is ABC’s gain. At least, that’s the way it’s intended. 3. “Commander-in-Chief” (Monday 27th February, 9:30 PM, SEVEN). Haven’t got a preview disc, nor have I seen an episode of this yet, but it looks like it’ll be worth a look. 4. “George Lucas : AFI Life achievement award” (Sunday 26h February, 8:30 PM, THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL). Just in case you missed it the first time ‘round. Very entertaining! 5. “Attack of the Show” (Weeknights, 10:30 PM, HOW TO). My new addiction......spot the immature one.


Fox8 Answers Tru’s “Calling”

Having teased us for months with the blink-and-youll-miss-it promo, Foxtel has officially announced “Tru Calling”, as part of their April programming. The show, starring Eliza Dushku as a woman who can communicate with the dead, was put to sleep after two seasons. It’s assumed that they’ll be both air this year.

Thorpie mixing it up with Bart

During the 2006 Commonwealth Games, swimming sensation Ian Thorpe will make history without even getting wet when he hosts “Super Simpsons with Ian Thorpe”, the biggest interactive The Simpsons stunt ever, premiering exclusively on FOX8 from Wednesday, March 15 at 7.00pm.

For the length of the games, FOX8 will air every single episode from the first 16 series of “The Simpsons” back-to-back. That’s a world record in the making - more than 350 episodes packed into 12 glorious days, 24 hours-a-day.

But wait, there’s more! From Day One, FOX8 will light up the red button and give FOXTEL digital subscribers the chance to win their own race by playing an interactive trivia component.

Joining Thorpie for the show is radio and television personality Sami Lukis, who plays the role of Thorpie’s glamorous co-host, while game-show guru Ian “Turps” Turpie has lent his vocal muscles to this gold medal event.

In between episodes, Thorpie and Sami will test viewers on their Simpsons knowledge by asking a series of multiple-choice questions, ranging from the easy - “What is the colour of Homer’s car?” - to the hard - “In what war was Skinner taken as POW?”

Viewers can play by pressing the red button on their digital remote - it’s that easy. So while Thorpie is aiming for a personal best in the pool, FOXTEL digital viewers right across the country can use their red buttons to score their own PB from the comfort of their lounge rooms. There are heaps of prizes to be won every single day, including Sony widescreen LCD televisions, Playstation2 plus the new ‘24’ game packs, Optus Turbocharge pre-paid packs plus Samsung mobile phones, and Soflite Surfboards.

Chris coming to Sundays

Apparently TEN is using the hit sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” to try and win the Sunday night timeslot. The show, based on the younger years of comedian Chris Rock, will air at 8pm on Sunday’s from March 5th - going up against 7’s “Ghost Whisperer”.

Diggs into this

Whatever happened to “Kevin Hill”, the UPN dramedy starring Taye Diggs? It was chopped prematurely, but now we’ll get to see it. Network 7 premieres the series on Sunday 5th March, 4:30 PM. Prime-time viewing indeed.

Alec Baldwin returns to TV

In a rather surprising move, if only because his film career seems to be well and truly back on track, Alec Baldwin looks set to return to TV. The “Hunt for Red October” and “Elizabethown” star is in talks to co-star opposite Tina Fey in Fey’s untitled comedy pilot for NBC. Besides the odd guest-appearance - he worked with Fey on “Saturday Night Live”, a couple of times - this would be Baldwin’s first regular stint on TV since he played on "Knots Landing." (1984-85). Baldwin is believed to be playing an executive producer of an SNL-esque variety show. Fey would play the head writer on the show, who has to manage her relationships with the show’s volatile star and executive producer. Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer and Rachel Dratch are also onboard the series.

Charlene back in Ramsay Street?

Might Charlene be rearing her head in Ramsay Street again soon? Kylie Minogue says she’s not ruling out a return to “Neighbours” sometime in the future, if only because she misses her old job.

“I’ve caught Neighbours a few times. There are still a few people there from my time on the show and I miss it now and again. I wouldn’t rule out appearing on it again." This comes hot on the news that Hollywood hotshot Hugh Jackman is in talks for a guest-stint on Foxtel’s “Love My Way” next season. Next week, Barbara Streisand will sign for a multi-episode arc on “Veronica Mars”.

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