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Three Whedon Fears in The Nine Greatest Nerd Fears Today

vendredi 23 décembre 2011, par Webmaster

The Avengers Being Shitty

First of all – let’s realize how crazy it is that The Avengers is a real thing in the first place. Marvel had to launch 4 individual characters in 4 films (5 if you count the Eric Bana Hulk, which no one ever would for any reason), weave SHIELD into the story (even if they didn’t do too great of a job), and make sure all of the films felt as though they could exist in the same universe. That’s a hell of a lot of groundwork to lay – and given how much trouble WB’s had launching non-Batman films (Green Lantern, Superman Returns), we know how easily it could’ve been messed up.

That being said…I’m terrified, and we all should be terrified. Trying to take 4 characters that have only been used as leads and forcing them to be supporting actors in a larger story is not an easy thing to do (especially since they also need to share screen-time with Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Samuel L. Fury). Trying to find the right epic, satisfying story is not an easy thing to do (luckily Joss Whedon is pretty great at taking large groups and working them into teams with great stories). And even though Joss Whedon is helming this thing, he’s going to be hamstrung at every point by studio executives. Especially because this is the only movie Joss Whedon’s ever done that wasn’t a movie based on his own canceled TV show. But most importantly, the hype around this thing will be almost impossible to live up to at this point. Then again, all it needs to really be is The Single Greatest Movie Of All-Time, how hard should that be ?

Joss Whedon Getting Another Sci-Fi Show on FOX

Months before Dollhouse premiered, fans were starting petitions to save the show (a reasonable fear, since it was canceled after two short seasons). After being burned with Firefly (the original pilot was never aired, the episodes that did air were out of order, and not even all the episodes were aired), fans knew what to expect. That being said, despite the cancellation after year two, Fox was actually pretty generous with Dollhouse : it was low-rated, not all that good (comparatively), and they still gave it two years. The real problem is Joss Whedon doesn’t belong on network TV. Even his most popular shows (Buffy and Angel) were never too highly-rated, but at least they were on 2nd tier networks that weren’t expecting much and let him do pretty much whatever he wanted (imagine the 1st season of Buffy airing today – I have a feeling the “teens get possessed by evil hyena spirits and eat the principal” episode probably would have been the last). Where Joss Whedon’s next show (god-willing) belongs is on cable. That would free him up creatively, as cable shows tend to not have to deal with as much network meddling, and could survive less-than-great ratings. Plus, I’m pretty sure FOX’s schedule can only accommodate shows created by Seth MacFarlane or about teens singing.

The Internet Runs Out of Ideas For Firefly T-Shirts

Ha, just kidding ! That will never happen. Jayne’s knit hat alone probably has at least 10 more possible shirt designs left.

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