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Toronto Comic Book Expo - News and Rumors ! (joss whedon mention)

Wednesday 6 September 2006, by Webmaster

Long weekend means we’re all well rested and ready for work but for some, it’s the end to a long, exhausting weekend of comics, comics and more comics. This past weekend all good Canadian comic book readers traveled to Toronto for the Toronto Comic Book Expo and we’ve got links and bullet points to all the juicy news stories trickling down from our Canadian brethren.

All-Star Batgirl announced - Can I just ask one question? Who the fuck cares about ALL-STAR Batgirl? The whole All-Star line is a complete waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Morrison is doing some good stuff with AS Superman but nothing that can’t be read in a collected trade. As for A.S. Batman....where do I start? How about with....it’s horrible. The worst comic series I’ve read in a long time, it has no redeeming qualities and certainly nothing worth spinning-off of. It’s a good idea, the concept of examining WHY Barbara Gordon would become Batgirl, but it is an idea that I think would have been better used within the DCU proper.

Oeming on Omega - Meh. I never really liked Alpha Flight, I’ve never liked Oeming’s writing, I don’t care about Canada (or their super hero population) and the addition of Beta-Ray Bill to the team does nothing for me. Exciting news for some but not this guy.

Marvel is planning for Astonishing X-Men to continue after Joss Whedon and John Cassaday finish their run....let’s just hope they can match the quality of both of these creators.

When will Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine ship? As soon as Damon Lindelof finishes the scripts but he’s busy writing this season of Lost. So how do we avoid problems like this in the future? See the next bullet point.

Is Silver Surfer: Requiem still coming from J. Michael Straczynski and painter Esad Ribic? Marvel is making sure they have enough of the series finished before soliciting it. Wow! What a brilliant fucking idea.... actually WAITING to announce a series to give the creators time to bring the whole thing to life so as to avoid long, momentum killing delays... what will they think of next?

Ok. Chew on that food for thought for a while. I’m coming back later this week with a look at Warren Ellis’ “Nextwave” and why I want to make sweet, sweet love to that comic book.