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Michelle Trachtenberg

Travel plans for Michelle Trachtenberg ?

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Webmaster

Good news for Dawn fans - Michelle Trachtenberg has revealed that she’d love to move to London.

"I adore London and Paris, and I hope to live in London for a period of time when I’m older," she revealed in the latest issue of Buffy Magazine. "I’d definitely have a flat in London - it needs to be done!"

Michelle also discusses her more ’adult’ role in her recent teen comedy Eurotrip: "I wanted something completely different from Dawn, because I felt they always made me appear so much younger, sound younger and act younger, and that wasn’t true to myself. So I wanted something more adult in nature."

Other highlights of the latest issue include a chat with Marti Noxon, who "would not be surprised in five or six years to see Slayer 2009 or Slayer 2010. So we might see Xander and Anya together again."

Also look out for a special feature on the unaired Buffy pilot, with comments from the stars and crew.

Buffy Vampire Slayer Magazine issue 61 is on sale from 27th May.

3 Forum messages

  • Anya and Xander

    26 May 2004 18:41, by Tiggerdabounce21
    But didnt Anya die??? so how can Xander and Anya be reunited???? Just a thought
  • > Travel plans for Michelle Trachtenberg ?

    27 May 2004 00:27, by Anonymous
    well, this isn’t the west wing or anything. remember a fellow called spike? or a lass named darla? and joss wanted amber to come back throughout the season in 2 forms: the first and tara.
  • > Travel plans for Michelle Trachtenberg ?

    16 July 2004 00:50, by stephanie

    xander and anya?

    what about willow and tara. get rid of kennedy. no one important liked her.