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Tru Calling 1x07 Closure - Summary

Monday 22 September 2003, by Webmaster

Tru Calling Spoiler Summary

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Episode 7 : Closure

Note: All of this summary is subject to change. With new shows, there’s a lot of tweaking that takes place, so episodes may air out of order or be drastically changed by the time they air

At the morgue, this week’s victim, a young man named Jake Voight, asks for Tru’s help. He’s a soldier who left an army hospital after being wounded overseas. In his pocket, Tru finds a picture of a young woman.

During the repeat day, Tru find the army hospital that Jake was at. She pretends to be a nurse and talks to Jake. But after being told he could die at any moment, Jake runs off from the hospital and the military police are sent after him. He has something important he has to do before he dies.

Tru talks to a doctor about Jake’s condition. The doctor explains that Jake was shot in the leg fighting in a war, and was sent back to the States to recover. Two weeks before, part of the bullet dislodged and went into his pulmonary artery. Surgery to remove the fragment is impossible since he began bleeding during surgery. If they try to remove it, he would die. It’s just wait and see with Jake and if an embolism forms, he’ll die immediately.

Another nurse comes in and Tru tries to avoid her, but is spotted and she knows Tru isn’t a nurse. Tru makes an escape as the real nurse calls for security.

Tru goes back to the morgue and meets up with Luc. He’s talking about getting directions to someplace, and Tru inquires about the directions.

In the next scene, Tru goes to a house in the suburbs and finds Jake sitting out front. He tells Tru that Bridget is gone and recognizes Tru from the hospital. They get to talking, and Jakes explains the whole situation.

Before Jake left for the war, he and Bridget (the woman in the photograph and who’s old house he’s at) were in love. Jake shipped out and received a telegram from Bridget telling him it was over. Now Jake can’t remember what Bridget looked like from his injuries and wants to see her face again.

Jake realizes that Tru isn’t a nurse, but thinks she’s some sort of angel. Tru tries to help Jake find Bridget.

Jake ends up being taken back to at the hospital.

Tru finds out that Bridget is attending a college. She talks to one of her professors, trying to find out where she is, and giving her a fake story about Bridget’s grandmother being injured. The professor says Bridget usually meets Phillip after class, so Tru assumes Phillip is Bridget’s new boyfriend. The professor gives Tru another classroom to look for Bridget in.

Tru goes to the other building and finds out that it’s the day care center and Phillip is Bridget’s 1 year old son, who looks just like Jake.

Tru introduces herself as a friend of Jake’s and that Jake is dying. But Bridget doesn’t want to see him. She hasn’t heard from him in 18 months and he doesn’t know about the baby. She tells Tru that she tried to reach him but Jake was the one who didn’t write back. Tru wants Bridget to go there and be with him when he dies. But Bridget doesn’t want to loose him and Tru can’t convince her to go see Jake.

Tru goes back to the hospital and talks with Jake.

Back at Bridget’s house, she talks to her father about the situation. It was her dad who sent the telegram, not Bridget, because he didn’t want her to ruin her future with some soldier instead of going to an Ivy league college.

Bridget takes Phillip to the hospital to see Jake. The two talk and Jake’s heart monitor goes off. He has an embolism and dies.

Later Tru talks to Bridget. Tru is upset about not being able to save him. Bridget talks about how unfair it was only getting Jake back for such a short time, but is grateful for having at least some time with him before he died.

Back at the morgue, Tru talks to Davis on the phone about how her day was.