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Tru Calling 1x14 Daddy’s Girl - Summary

Wednesday 17 December 2003

Tru, Harrison, and Meredith are having breakfast. Meredith has gotten them all together to talk about their father’s upcoming birthday. She has asked them all there at the request of Jordan, their step-mother. Jordan comes in and sits down, explaining that she wants to do something for their father’s (Richard) birthday. She wants the entire family together to celebrate.

Both Jordan and her father are staying at a nearby hotel, and would like everyone to get together this evening. Tru isn’t happy, especially since Jordan and Meredith are so chummy. Jordan begs Tru to come, but she just gets up and leaves.


Later in the day, Tru, Meredith, and Jordan go shopping for a cake. Tru is trying to get info out of Jordan (note: there is a repeat day in this episode, and apparently Jordan was attacked by a mugger and killed). Tru doesn’t know how much she’ll be, as she really doesn’t know her father as well. Jordan admits that neither does she. She might love and understand him, but he doesn’t let her know him. Her mother, Elise, may have been the only one to know her father completely.

Meanwhile, Davis is interviewing a new character Jack, about a position in the morgue. In the first run through the day, something didn’t go too well. Tru has passed that info along to Davis. Davis asks why he wants to work there, rather than saving lives. He also questions his previous work history.


Later, Harrison is talking with Davis about Tru’s powers. Davis realizes that Harrison is trying to find out if their mother’s powers may have caused her death. (note: unclear when the characters make the connection, Tru does seem to only come to this conclusion later in this episode).

Elsewhere, Tru and Jordan are walking through the park. Tru is looking out for a sign of Jordan’s attacker. Tru tries to convince Jordan that they shouldn’t be cutting through the park to a drugstore, but Jordan is just happy that Tru is spending the day with her. She’s not sure why Tru is being so nice, but she’s not going to pass up the chance. She also talks about how the only time Richard and her fight, is about his relationship with his children. Jordan thinks he feels guilty about what happened after Elise was killed.

Jordan continues, just as Tru spots a suspicious man (we will later know him as Carl). He moves in to attack Jordan with a knife, but Tru pushes Jordan aside and disarms him. He knocks her to the ground, and she grabs his knife and holds him off as Jordan runs away. The man looks at her and smiles, then runs off.


Tru and her father are talking about saving Jordan during the mugging. Tru admits that Jordan is nice, and her father is happy that Tru doesn’t blame her for breaking apart his marriage. Tru says he’s wrong, there is a difference between saving someone and forgiving them for the past.

Her father thinks she can do this, if she knows more about her past. He goes on to explain that he met Jordan when he was still married to her mother. He and Elise had already decided to get a divorce, when she was murdered. Tru is shocked at this turn of events.

It gets even stranger when her father explains that one of the reasons they decided to divorce, was the strange hours and behavior Elise was keeping. As if she had a secret life. Tru realizes that her mother had the same abilities to go back in time and save people. Her father hopes that she’ll come to the party that night.

Back at Tru’s apartment later, Harrison is talking about how Tru saved the ’wicked stepmother’. Tru defends Jordan, thinking they may have misjudged her. Especially in light that her mother also relived days and that their parents were already set on a divorce.


That evening at the party, Tru realizes the man who attacked Jordan is there. She tells her father and he goes to call the police. Tru tries to find him in the room, and she sees him go into the kitchen. She follows, and bumps right into him. She confronts him about the attack, and he tells her to go ask her father. He laughs because she has no idea that there is a connection between the two.

Tru suddenly has a flashback to when her mother was killed. She recognizes the voice of the man, demanding Tru’s mother to tell her where her daughter was. Tru was hiding in the closet when this happened, so she could only hear him. Tru says aloud that he killed her, and he runs off. She’s about to follow when Harrison comes in.


Tru confronts her father, because of his relationship with the attacker (Carl). She explains that he killed her mother, in order to exact revenge on him. Her father tries to deny this, but Tru says that she was there. She heard him. Her father explains it can’t be true, he had him investigated even after the police ruled him out as a suspect. Nobody could pin it on him, he had a solid alibi.

Since Tru only heard him, and didn’t see him, her father questions her memory. Tru has to be mistaken, because Carl could not have killed her mother. Tru has to leave, it’s time to go to work, but she has a lot to think about.

Later that night in the morgue, Davis suggests she goes home and rests. She’s had a rocky few days... Tru asks Davis is he thinks that her mother may have died, because of her calling. Davis doesn’t know the answers to that question, but he promises her that he’ll help find them.


At this point, Carl has attacked Tru in her apartment. Somehow his foot is injured, but he escapes.

Her father makes sure that she’s okay, then goes to pursue Carl. Tru tries to stop him, as Carl will certainly kill him. Her father isn’t worried, as he’s brought a gun and wants to end this. Tru tries to stop him, but he goes out after Carl. He follows him into an alley, and because Carl can’t run, is able to tackle him. Richard yells at him, asking him who he thinks he is. Carl simply states that he’s never changed, he’s the same man Richard paid to kill his wife ten years ago.

Richard doesn’t deny this, but can’t understand why Carl is blackmailing his family now. They had a deal and Carl broke it. So it’s time for Carl to die. Tru arrives, just as her father is about to shoot Carl. He tells Tru to leave, and she runs back out of alley and hears a gunshot behind her.

Back in the alley, Richard tells Carl that this is just a warning shot. The next one won’t be. Carl is fine with that, as long as Richard pays him. Richard agrees to do this, and lets Carl go. Richard than leaves the alley, and into the arms of a waiting Tru. Tru is so happy that he’s alive, and apologizes for everything. Her father tells her that it’s finally over.