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Tru Calling Gets A 2-Hour Finale

Thursday 29 April 2004, by cally

Tru Calling

8:00 PM - FOX

Tru (Dushku) and Davis (Zach Galifianakis) are stunned to learn that Jack (Jason Priestley) has the ability to relive days like our protagonist. Thrilled to have a possibly new partner, Tru and Jack team up to save a dying doctor. But as time goes on, Tru begins to question Jack’s motives. Soon, Tru realizes that Jack isn’t an ally at all. In the second hour, Tru’s brother Harrison (Shawn Reaves) is the body asking for help. It becomes obvious that, despite his friendship with Harrison, Jack is trying to keep Harrison dead. It’s a veritable battle between life and death.

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  • > Tru Calling Gets A 2-Hour Finale

    30 April 2004 05:27, by Anonymous
    That was a Fantastic episode. Tremendous! I really hope this show comes back, I think it’s on the verge of something big.