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From Tru-davies.com

Tru Calling for a Complete Season ?

Wednesday 12 November 2003, by Webmaster

The message came from the official Tru Calling forums.

"Here’s the official word on the ratings. Studio and network are happy. Here’s why. We HELD our numbers in the key demmo for this show - women 18-34. In fact, in that segment we came in third for the night beating ABC, WB and UPN. Where the overall numbers went down was - we lost the older folks who tuned in for the pilot - realized it wasn’t for them, and tuned out for week two. If we can keep holding in that W18-34 (women age 18-34) demo, you’ll all most likely get a full season of Tru Calling. Feel free to spread the news.

Unconfirmed rumor that Fox will be ordering more scripts from us. It’s not a commitment to shoot them yet - but it’s the first step towards getting a full season production order beyond our initial 13."