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Tru Gets Pickup

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by cally

Tru Gets Pickup

Fox renewed Tru Calling, the supernatural series starring Eliza Dushku, for a second season, Variety reported. The series has struggled in the ratings and was considered "on the bubble," meaning its fate was in doubt.

Tru Calling centers on a woman (Dushku) who relives days at the request of dead people who seek her help. Fox will make its full schedule presentation to advertisers on May 20.

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  • > Tru Gets Pickup

    19 May 2004 21:35, by AlexG
    Wooo! More Eliza :)
  • > Tru Gets Pickup

    20 May 2004 04:45, by chinga747
    yeah, great. this next tv-season is proving to be really crappy:/ cannot believe this show got picked up! guess theWB and FOX are switching places in the hall of fame, FOX as the Network that cancells shows rapidly (esp. those Fri nites ones..) and theWB as the Network that takes risks with genre shows. guess Im stuck w/SciFi for the next seas. gonna be great.