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Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser - "All I Wanna Do" Movie (1998) - Medium Quality Screencaps

Monday 18 July 2005, by Webmaster

All I Wanna Do (Strike!) (1998)

Directed by : Sarah Kernochan

Written by : Sarah Kernochan

Cast :
Kirsten Dunst .... Verena von Stefan
Gaby Hoffmann .... Odette ’Odie’ Sinclair
Lynn Redgrave .... Miss McVane
Rachael Leigh Cook .... Abigail ’Abby’ Sawyer
Tom Guiry .... ’Frosty’ Frost
Vincent Kartheiser .... Snake - Flat Critter

Summary : It’s 1963, and the pupils at Miss Godard’s School for Girls are dismayed when they find out they’re merging with a boy’s school. Imaginations run wild as the girls start a campaign against the motion.

Vincent Kartheiser - "All I Wanna Do" Movie (1998) - Medium Quality Screencaps - Gallery

IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-01.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-02.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-03.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-04.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-05.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-06.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-07.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-08.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-09.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-10.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-11.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-12.jpg IMG/jpg/vincent-kartheiser-all-i-wanna-do-movie-1998-screencaps-mq-13.jpg