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Whedon Previews X-Men Arcs

Friday 7 May 2004, by cally

Whedon Previews X-Men Arcs

Joss Whedon, who will write The Astonishing X-Men comic for Marvel, told SCI FI Wire that he will deal with the "mutant question" in his series, which is set to come out monthly starting May 26. "It’s basically the mutant question and are the mutants taking over the earth, and all of that stuff has been dealt with for so long that I thought I’d talk about it more and try to put a fresh spin on it," Whedon said in an interview at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. "I can tell you that, you know, my idea is basically to ... bring up something that will really divide the X-Men amongst themselves. Really bring out what’s great and what’s weak in every character and really let them play off each other."

Whedon will pen two six-issue arcs. "I have more ideas beyond that, but I’m not making any promises," he said. "If I can get all 12 out, delivered on time, well, anybody who knows me will know that that’s an achievement." Whedon was referring to his previous comic series, Fray, which had lengthy delays owing to Whedon’s TV commitments running Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly at the time