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Whedon.info new homepage design is online ! What do you think ?

Wednesday 28 December 2005, by Webmaster

Please tell us what do you think about the new homepage to help us to optimize it !

And please try to give CONSTRUCTIVE critisciscm :)

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The old design will stay available at : http://www.whedon.info/index2.php

45 Forum messages

  • It’s excellent ! I really like the visits numbers, thank you so much whedon.info !
  • Looks a little busy and confused.
  • Awesome! Great job guys. It’s always good to see a change
  • Always great. Perfect!!! Congratulations... BUFFY LIVES - PORTUGAL Season 4 is on (http://sicradical.sapo.pt/index.php?article=229&visual=1&section_id=1) Buffy was in 2003/2004/2005 always in first, second or third in national ratings on SIC - RADICAL network. Season 5 is coming. To all fans a GREAT 2006
  • Much easier on my aging eyes! Thanks.
  • I think the new presentation is great even if a little bit more of color would be great. The number of visits and popularity is cool too. Great job ;)
  • Nice

    28 December 2005 14:13, by Fabrizio
    It’s Ok. I think that the other design was nice too. :)

    See online : Nice

  • The top portion of the page up until the point where the "Articles this Week" start is obnoxiously large. Condense it or kill it, either one.
  • To difficult 2 read,very harsh on the eyes(think the choice of colour didnt help). Not impressed. looked far more proffesional previously.
  • Good to a point. Two main criticisms:

    1. The flyover ads are annoying and overdone, enough to chase people off the site.

    2. The new links don’t change color when visited; you post so many new things that many people probably used that color change to know what to read.

  • Not a fan of the new look. Maybe some color or font changes would make it easier to read? A larger font for the article titles would definitely help. Admire the ongoing efforts to improve :)
  • personally i don’t like it and think you should revert to how it was, it seemed much easier on the eye
  • Bring back the old one please. Too much purple, can’t read one’s already clicked on. It looks like you lost a bet to one of your daughters and she got to create it. Trying to be constructive but it’s really horrible, so different than the old one that was just fine.
  • It’s pretty cool!! I like the change!! it looks nice! but I would change the color though, it’s toooooo blue!! GOOD LUCK and stay strong. Happy New Year
  • A font size of 7 pt is unreadable, unless you have a 21" monitor.

    Same goes for 8 pt in bold.

    Visited links are almost invisible.

    Low contrast is also not helping.

    - minimum font size 10 pt or 80% global fontsize and 1em
    - colors: background white, text black

  • Hey I am sorry to say that i don’t like the new design werry much, I love this site and all, but the old design was easyer to use. The new design locks a bit nice, but i don’t like that when we klick on an artical it jumps into a new window.

    p.s. Loves the info the site givs us.

  • I think the old design was easier on the eye. Although some of the added information in this new version (visits, popularity, sources etc.) is interesting, overall I think the new design looks cramped and restless. But thank you for making an effort to improve :)
  • What I want to say is: "Oh my God! What have you done! Are you all mad?". I shall attempt to as constructive as I can in my following comments, but I fear it will be difficult.

    Are you aware that windows that pop-up are one of the things most hated about the web browsing experience? As far as I can see there is nothing about the design/navigation/interactions of the site that need two or more windows to be effective.

    The "wide screen" format for the site certainly enables you to pack a lot on a single line. However for people like me who prefer to browse with the ’classic’ long and thin (A4/American letter) shaped windows it means a lot of scrolling. I cannot justify my preferrence for a ’classic’ format over a ’wide’ one other than to observe that most of the information I read does in fact come in the ’classic’ format and I am used to it.

    I do hope that you will re-think these changes.

  • I’m ok with this new design. The 1024 pixels table format is great and the stats are very useful to choose which article should be visited ! THXXX
  • I think it’s good. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that links don’t change color when they’ve been visited.
  • I think the new layout is good, but I have a hard time reading the purple text.
  • I believe it is easier for us all to read black print, rather than purple. Suggest going back to black print. Visuals are nice at the top. We like to see photos, etc. up top. Why are there advertisements in the middle? Also they are in another language! Why not English? I know that fans from all over the world look at this site but isn’t it an English-based site to begin with? The category on the left is a good idea. The user can go directly to something that interests them. The sections at the top run together and look confusing. Sorry if this doesn’t sound like constructive criticism but it is meant that way. I go to your site every day. Now though i will have to get to the old way you did it so that i can read it clearly. I am visually impaired and this new format is difficult for me to read.
  • When I first saw the new design, I was surprised by it. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but after exploring the site for a short time, I realized that it is much better than the old design. The new layout actually makes it easier to navigate, and it’s great to be able to easily see what the article is about and who the source is. Great job! And thank you for continuing to provide Whedonverse fans with a place to go for information on our favorite actors and "verses"!
  • it ’s much much better now. really. I like it.
  • It’s very confusing and all in the same color... Too many ads too ! The popularity is not very interesting.
  • Hi. At a glance, it’s a little hard to read. Perhaps the new articles should be right at the top, in slightly larger text.
  • As said the other time, in this way the main page is too much confusing, sorry but I really prefer the old one, at the least the sections were very well underlined.
  • Sorry, I don’t like it.. don’t like the colours, the layout... tbh the bright blue hurts my eyes.
  • The new layout is awesome, but I think the purple color is bland.
  • It looks a little cluttered, but not bad
  • Sorry to rain on your parade, but the new Whedon.info homepage design looks horrific on my browser. No matter how I set my display preferences, the page insists on displaying wider than my screen size so that I constantly have to scroll sideways, back and forth, to read most entries.

    I’ll stick with the old-format alternate page — BLESS YOU FOR THAT! If that option ever goes away, I’m sorry to say that years of daily reading of your site will abruptly end. So, please keep the alternate home page for as long as possible!

  • I really like the new design, but the color kind of hurts my eyes.
  • It’s fine, although I find purple a little difficult to read, esp. after you’ve visited the link.
  • it’s all good for me, it was a too long time without change !
  • WHOA! that’s really cool! I adore it! nice layout.


  • “... I go to your site every day. Now though i will have to get to the old way you did it so that i can read it clearly. I am visually impaired and this new format is difficult for me to read.”

    Remember not all readers have perfect eyesight. Since this is basically a text page, reading small print or using and odd colors can be distracting and tiring to the eyes. It looks awfully busy and I find the purple irrating; perhaps black, dark navy or dark brown might work better. Then your use of splash colors would be OK. It looks like someone said purple here, pink for this, maybe red over here - color coordinate please! Also The "following" link is barely visible - use a darker color.

    As for layout, I’d place a short centered Bold Title on top, then place your very long ‘first line’ on the next line. Change is good and we can learned to adjust, but help us out a bit more.

  • Sorry I prefer the old design. I have difficulties to read the titles and the page.
  • I don’t like it.It’s a little too bold.I prefer the old one.actually i prefer the one when you guys had all the subjects split up on the homepage.
  • I like the overall feel, it looks more organized. But the text is a bit hard to read...like it needs to be "smoothed" or something. I’m squinting to be able to read it. Maybe a dark background color could help this?

    Can I make a request? I would love to see the video of MadTV with Michelle!

    LOVE THE SITE!!!!!

  • Its very blue, a bit hard on the eyes, but I like the fact that I can go straight to James Marsters & just look at articles concerning him because I am not too much interested in anyone else
  • Not bad, but please change the text color back to black and enlarge it! Also, tighten up the spacing at the top.
  • Too busy. Hard to read. And that’s with my large sized monitor and 1280 x 1024 resolution on a 19 inch monitor.

    Now on to constructive.

    You need to imagine the page as read by most people. And most people read 640 x 480, with the Favorites/Bookmarks pane open on the side. You want people to read everything in one long page, without having to scroll side-to-side. Even I have to scroll side to side on the new version.

    I like that you list the source of the news. You need a Search link. The colors on the original site are easier on the eyes and breaks up the screen better. The purple actually hurts the eyes, especially after surfing the Net for a long time. And it all looks the same, nothing to make you want to come back over and over to read it.

    What happened that you felt it was necessary to change the layout?

  • I like the way that one can get a clear pic of what is on the site from the home page and the way that you can scroll down. The only failing is the lack of colors. Generally ...looks good !
  • I have to admit, I spazzed out when I first opened the page this morning, but after looking over it, I really like it!! I love how you can see the popularity of things and how many people have visited. Plus I love how everything has links on it, so I don’t have to go through a little process to try to get to something- I can just click. =D thankzz And one more thing..Someone mentioned that the links dont change color when you click on them? Umm..Is it just me, or arent they turning a lighter shade of purple?