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Joss Whedon

Whedonverse Fans freedom of speech not respected by Studios & Fans Websites !?!

Blue Gloves

Saturday 11 November 2006, by Webmaster

I tried to post the above letter on Serenitystuff.com but was blocked for calling Kevin Smith a liar when he claimed that he had not seen either Firefly or Serenity. That was my honest opinion and I had a right to post it. I was also booted off Whedonesque.com for calling the producer of Hexx a ’moron’ for attacking Buffy. Instead of getting my back...the folks at Whedonesque attacked me and threw me off the web site when I honestly expressed my viewpoints about freedom of speech in response to their attack that the uses of the word moron was not to their liking. At no time did I curse...or said anything inappropriate. Quite frankly, I thought I was debating with fellow fans. Turns out however...they were moderators who unfairly blocked me from posting. There were no warnings that I would be thrown off the site...no explanations...no nothing!!! So why am I writing this??? To remind everyone that if we block freedom of speech and freedom of expression when it comes to the opinions of those who we disagree with...next, others will go after those who we do agree with...and then, they will come after us...just as Fox and Universal went after Firefly and Serenity fan sites!!! That’s what Joss Whedon was trying to say with Firefly and Serenity...fight for your freedom of speech...and your freedom of will...or you will only have yourselves to blame for losing it!!!

My Original Letter :

Universal and Fox’ lawyers, as well as their executives, are fools. They fail to realize that the fan enthusiam which is generating fan fiction, T-Shirts and other merchandise is no threat to their copyrights. Rather, the fans are helping to spread the word about the show Firefly and its film incarnation Serenity. This directly helps to positively impact DVD sales and rentals, in addition to sales of other related merchandise that these two companies hold the copyright for. That said...I am starting to realize that Universal and Fox have been working too closely together of late...almost incestuously so!!! Remember their involvement with Halo...which they both just bailed out on??? And of course Fox sold the film rights to Firefly/Serenity to Universal. I am starting to believe that this close working relationship between the two studios played into Universal lack of promotional support for Serenity upon its release...that, and the fact that Serenity was given a horrible release date instead of a summer of holiday release date. And then there is the fact that none of Serenity’s cast or its director, Joss Whedon, were ever booked on the talk show circuit to promote the movie...No Leno...No Letterman...No Conan...No Kimmel...No nothing!!! Believe it or not, I believe that there was a conspiracy going on here to prevent Joss Whedon from getting out of Fox’s sphere of influence...Hence, Fox got some of its friends at Universal to give the green light on Serenity and made sure that they didn’t promote it when it was released...thus keeping Joss locked-up in contractual agreements, and what not, in order to prevent him from breaking out big time elsewhere. Case in point...whatever happened to Goners??? Why hasn’t Universal gone forward on that movie since Wonder Woman seems to have stalled at Warner Brothers??? I mean, didn’t Joss say he’d direct which ever movie got the green light first??? And in other news: Why is Universal now cracking down on Serenity fan sites, just weeks after Fox pulled the same thing on fans of Firefly, the tv series that spawned it??? Look, I came up in the business...and when they want to black list you...often times they will sign you to a contract, with promises to give you the world, this...so that you can’t work with anyone else (after you sign a contract) who might just have your back...Then they sit on your efforts or intentionally sabotage them in terms of release and marketing. Now, I know many of you don’t think they’d do such a thing...but I have seen it before...and heard of this very thing happening before. The fact is, Fox wants Joss back producing tv shows for them like Buffy and Angel...Just in DVD revenue and tv syndication alone...they must have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of Joss Whedon. He is worth more to them in tv, than anywhere else...and it seems their friends at Universal would be willing to lose 39 million dollars on a movie Serenity...if it means using its sabotaged failure to pressure Joss Back into television. Truth is...Fox could pay them the money they lost (back) under the table without losing a step!!! I think this is the reason that Joss has stationed himself at Marval Comics...It’s a tactic of retreat. I mean by now, Joss could have filmed Goners five times over by now...so, where is is it already Universal??? How come you signed Joss to write and direct the film, but you haven’t green lit it when Joss has claimed for months that it is ready to shoot??? And speaking of black listing...What the hell happened to Wonder Woman??? Even Entertainment Weekly magazine...owned by Warner Bros., the same producers of the Wonder Woman movie, are starting to say that Wonder Woman is so five minutes ago...Check last week’s edition of the magazine for yourselves!!! And yes...I think Warner Brothers is involved with this black listing too...because they could have given Joss at least two films to shoot by now at either Warner or New Line Cinema...but again...for the best damn writer in the business...nobody of major consequence appears to be willing to green light any of his projects, as if they were pressured not to...as an industry political favor to someone...like Fox’ Tom Rothman. So here we are now...and Universal and Fox are working together to kill the Brown Coat community by intentionally preventing the use of intellectual property by fans who are only helping to, through cross promotion, sell Fox and Universal owned materials, thus helping to move DVD’s of Firefly and Serenity...onward, by making the public at large know of their existance. Yes folks, it appears that the fix is in...and I suspect that Joss Whedon is well aware of these and other pressure tactics that i have profiled. With that said, if Joss Whedon has the integrity to continue to resist these animals, I think he’ll be living a happy life as a professional comic book writer from now on...They "Can’t Stop The Signal" Joss...I’m glad to know that in spite of the pressure...you’re not a sell-out!!! Tom Rothman now knows where he can go...and that’s the place south of Heaven!!! God Bless you Joss Whedon!!!

 Signed, Blue Gloves

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