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When it’s just Dec. 25... (buffy mention)

Catherine Garcia

Friday 22 December 2006, by Webmaster

While the world may seem to come to a standstill every Dec. 25, not everyone celebrates Christmas. So what are you supposed to do when almost everything is closed, but you want to go out?

Here are eight things that you can do anytime during the day. Some are free, some are not, but all are enjoyable.

8. The day can be used to reflect on the year that’s soon to be behind us. The University of Redlands’ labyrinth is the perfect spot for this. Labyrinths are pathways inside of large circles that were used by the early Greeks, Romans and Christians as a way to get closer to their creator. Today, people use the labyrinth for prayer, meditation or relaxation. The university’s labyrinth is behind the Memorial Chapel.

7. While most restaurants in the area are closed, hunger pangs don’t need to be fully ignored. Denny’s is open, and will serve their regular menu, and Open Kitchen will be filling orders for those with a hankering for Chinese. Or, if you’d prefer to dine al fresco, pack a picnic and head to one of Redlands’ spacious parks.

6. Spend the day at one with nature. Caroline Park off Sunset Drive boasts trails that nature lovers can easily hike up. For those who just want a nice setting for a meal, take the Advertisement Click Here! short path at the bottom of the park up to a clearing with gorgeous views of Redlands and the mountains. Right now, with the peaks covered with snow, the view couldn’t be any nicer.

5. If you’d like to ring in the new year a little richer, try your luck at area casinos San Manuel and Morongo. Both have undergone renovations recently and are bigger than ever, with more slot machines and tables at each. When you feel like taking a break, they both have decent restaurants on their premises, as well as gift shops.

4. You don’t need to celebrate the holiday to enjoy the decorations. There are tons of awesome homes in Redlands that are all decked out for Christmas, with impressive lights and lifesize replicas of everyone from Santa to Rudolph. All this will cost you is gas money.

3. If there’s one thing Southern California has a lot of, it’s amusement parks, and the granddaddy of them all, Disneyland, will be open and waiting for your business. Many think that amusement A student walks the labyrinth at the University of Redlands (CATHERINE GARCIA/Redlands Daily Facts) parks aren’t as busy on major holidays, but they are, so be warned: You’ll still have to wait in line.

2. Going to the movies has always been a standby on Christmas. This year, there are movies in all genres coming out, including horror ("Black Christmas," starring Michelle Trachtenberg). For those looking for a more substantial film, check out "Dreamgirls" with Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy, "Children of Men" with Clive Owen and "The Good German" with Matt Damon and George Clooney, all opening Christmas Day.

1. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this season is a time for giving. Why not give the gift of your time: Volunteer. There are countless wonderful organizations in Redlands and the area serving all types of people. Why not find one that you like the best and spread some cheer?