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"X-Men : The Last Stand" Movie - Canmag.com Review (joss whedon mention)

Thursday 25 May 2006, by Webmaster

Here are a couple more early reviews for X-Men: The Last Stand that we have been alerted to. We plan to offer a few reviews a day up until the film’s release on Friday.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand Reviews

Below are two of the latest reviews for X-Men: The Last Stand. Though I had feared the worst, it seems that each review we have read does give the film a little bit of credit.

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And here’s my problem with X-Men 3 (which I prefer not to call The Last Stand if only because that is so clearly a marketing department-created title and the film itself so blatantly and repeatedly hints at a fourth film as to all but invalidate its own name): This movie, while solid enough for a standard dumbed-down summer tent pole, has taken the original concepts of the X-comics and distorted them to the point where it’s really tough for an old fan like myself to give said changes a free pass. That’s not fair to the movie, I know, but it is what it is.

But like I said above, it’s not a bad movie, and it’ll bring the crowds out in droves this weekend. So what’s to like? Let’s see:

- Halle Berry’s Storm gets to kick ass, finally, with some serious weather-witch moves that we’ve waited too long to see. Sure, she’s still got Storm’s accent all wrong, but what can you do?


X-Men: The Last Stand isn’t the worst movie of the year. Hell, it’s not even the worst film in the series. The bad news is that it’s also not the best, although the elements seem to be there; what we end up with is a movie that’s a miracle, given its production history, yet is a missed opportunity, given what the filmmakers had to work with.

The film combines two stories that are familiar to comic readers - the resurrection of Jean Grey as a powerful, crazy being known as Phoenix is an arc most X-fans grew up with. The other plot, about a cure for mutants, is of more recent vintage, coming from Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men. Either of these stories could have been a movie, but since they’re lashed together one must suffer. It ends up being the Phoenix.

You can read each review for X-Men: The Last Stand by clicking the bold links above (open in new window). Be warned: these two reviews both have a few SPOILERS.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand comes to theatres on May 26th.