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Joss Whedon

You Wacky Joss Whedon Fans

Mark Beall

Monday 29 May 2006, by Webmaster

Every time I turn around, the Joss Whedon community is doing something new and amusing. I’m well beyond the point of surprise these days, I just sit back and admire the relationship. I’ve commented before on my opinions — I love what Whedon and his fans do for each other and I think more directors should engage in such a relationship — but as I’m not part of the relationship myself I think it’s clear to all true fans that I don’t really understand. Here’s the latest cute little love letter send from fans to Joss; I don’t even know if this is news worthy, but I loved it so I’m sharing it with you.

It’s not particularly uncommon for a popular television series or movie to release a limited line of trading cards. While trading cards are not as popular as they once were (quite possibly due to the advent of CCG’s), they do still exist and some people still dig them. The Firefly universe (which includes the Serenity movie, of course) released a 72 card line of trading cards ... and the suckers have sold out. Individual outlets may still be selling some, but the manufacturer has no more to give. Nobody moves THAT many trading cards these days — they are more of a novelty than anything anymore — but you fans did it anyway.

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