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Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - He Wants Lynda Carter

Mark Beall

dimanche 26 mars 2006, par Webmaster

Having recently announced that he’s nearing completion on his Wonder Woman script, geek kingpin Joss Whedon has fans curious to see what he’s put together. Naturally, the primary question on the forefront of everyone’s mind is "who will Joss cast for the title role ?" Suggestions have been flying fast and furious, and several actresses (or female actors, whatever they’re being called these days) have emerged as popular favorites, despite Whedon’s insistence that he hasn’t really thought about it yet. He does have a "list" in his head, but he’s also interested in finding somebody new if possible - because the character he has written is a "very specific role," and he can’t think of anyone off hand to match.

However, Joss has admitted that he’d like to include TV’s original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter in a cameo role, but only if it is "right for the movie." He loves Carter’s work, and is open to the idea of throwing her into the new film, but won’t do it just for the sake of some weird nostalgia satisfaction. He has said "It’s just a question of I’m not going to do something that isn’t integral to the film. If I found something that was right, absolutely, but not if it takes you out of the narrative."

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