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James Marsters

James Marsters - "James Marsters & Friends" Event - James quotes report


Friday 20 October 2006, by Webmaster

This account was written up after the cocktail party, banquet and concert on the QM Friday night after three fans got back to their room. They wanted to get it all down while it was fresh in their minds, and it was posted to Marsters_Sanctuary on Yahoogroups.

The account contains the most accurate, verbatim quotes of what James said at one premium table regarding his girlfriend. She wasn’t mentioned by name, but I think it can be assumed he was talking about Patty. . .

He looked fantastic. Beautiful skin, clear blue eyes, a few laugh lines. He didn’t look tired at all and had a lot of energy. He didn’t let the conversation lag, but took charge of it immediately.

His aura was open with nothing predatory, hard or harsh about it. He came across as wanting to please each person and trying his best to do so without compromising his own needs. . .

James. . .began by mentioning that he gotten a drink and had been bantering earlier with "Stevie" (with "Stevie" delivered with a slightly mock gay lisp). His drink looked like a Diet Coke.

"Steve keeps having to remind me, ’Do you want this drink or not?’ because I keep leaving it behind. It’s like the time I asked him to get my girlfriend and take her to a site. And Steve said, ’I feel like I have to do everything for you. What do I have to do, pimp for you now?’"

James’ expression was somewhere between wounded and defensive - the kicked puppy look. He gestured, palms up and open handed, and little-boy whined, "But it’s my girlfriend."

We don’t know how that one ended.

Then James said, "I don’t have a sex life."

"You’re not supposed to have a sex life," said Echo.

"You know, my girlfriend - I see her every six months for a couple of days. In the meantime, I can write to her or send her faxes or little notes and get those back and that’s great as far as it goes, but it is what it is. . ."

He didn’t finish it.

"I don’t have time for anything else because I’m a single parent. I’m not going to come in and tell the kid, ’Go on, honey and do your homework. I’m going to go out dancing now, but I love you and you’re the most important thing in my life - hey, did you see that hot chick?’ I don’t do that because I’m a single parent, and I can’t do that."

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