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Nathan Fillion - "Waitress" Movie - Bittersweet Success

jeudi 25 janvier 2007, par Webmaster

It’s a bittersweet Sundance premiere for the cast of ’Waitress’ the film written, directed and co-starring Adrienne Shelly, who was murdered in her office in New York City on November 1st. The film’s producer Michael Roiff said he spoke to Shelly the night before her death, "We talked about what we always talked about, which was the movie, Sundance and whether it would get in," he said.

Keri Russell, who plays the lead role (a pregnant, pie-baking waitress who is plotting her escape from her abusive husband, played by Jeremy Sisto) said : "It is bizarre coming [here] under these circumstances... . Sundance is a raging, nonstop party, a huge celebration, and you feel so lucky to be [here]. This will be very different for all of us, but I have huge affection for her family, and I think all of us believe that this movie deserves every bit of attention it can get." In a show of support, cast members Cheryl Hines (who plays a wise-cracking fellow waitress) and Nathan Fillion along with Sisto and Russell (all pictured here) will join producer Roiff to stand in for Shelly at post-screening Q and A sessions.

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