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Eliza Dushku - "Nobel Son" Movie - Director Randall Miller Eliza.dushku.info Interview

lundi 29 janvier 2007, par Webmaster

Eliza Dushku Info recently spoke to Randall Miller, the writer, director and producer of Nobel Son about the status of the film and his thoughts about working with Eliza. Here you have the great interview they made.

Eliza Dushku Info : Do you have any updates on a possible release ? Have you found a distributor yet or are you planning on submitting it to any festivals ?

Randall Miller : No we have not sold the film yet... In fact we are just finishing the film this week. We’ve been working on the soundtrack for quite some time to get the right blend of techno and orchestral music.

EDI : From what we’ve seen of the trailer, Nobel Son sounds like it has a great soundtrack, how did Paul Oakenfold become involved in the project ?

RM : I’ve been a big fan of his work and I especially loved his tracks in Requiem For A Dream and Collateral. We approached him through his agent, showed him the rough cut and he said yes.

EDI : What was Alan Rickman like to work with ? It looks like he was really enjoying the role of Eli.

RM : Alan is an amazing actor to work with. He brings so much to everything he works on. I felt blessed having him in the role of Eli. And yes he enjoyed himself a great deal.

EDI : How did Eliza become involved in Nobel Son ? Did she audition or had you met her before ?

RM : We have been fans of Eliza’s work in the past. This was a difficult type of character to play— seductive, ingenious, manipulator and vulnerable. She did read for us and in her read she blew us away. Her commitment to her performance was awe inspiring.

EDI : City Hall sounds like the kind of sweet, vulnerable but slightly crazy character that Eliza does best - what do you think she brought to the role ?

RM : I think she is all those things. She has a certain quality that some stars do, she captivates the lens. She makes you want to discover what is going on inside her head. I guess its what they call film presence.

EDI : Where does the name City Hall come from ? Is it a nickname ? RM : It’s her nickname, the character’s real name is Sharon Hall... But she is a poet and an artist, and so that is what she has decided to call herself actually.

EDI : What was your overall impression of Eliza as an actress ? RM : Amazing. I want to cast her in our next film.

EDI : Finally, some of the scenes in the recent trailer have caused quite a stir amongst Elizas fans. Can you confirm that it was Eliza in those scenes and not a double, as some people have claimed ?

RM : No, it is her. She plays a character who is very open both emotionally and sexually.

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