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From Bbc.co.uk

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Steve Wright Show Interview

Transcribed by Daphne Blake - From Smgboard.com

Sunday 4 April 2004, by Webmaster

29 March 2004

Tim: this is a real international affair French people next-door German people next door from everywhere. Are u having to do the interviews in French and German?

Sarah: Oui Oui no unless it was Japanese ill probably be pretty lost, I can barely do English (pronounces it wrong) see as I have just proven English is hard for me.

Tim: yeah it is for us aswell. can u do an English accent though?

Sarah: (in an English accent) Hardly.

Tim: well were good mates with Tony, with Anthony how is he?

Sarah: oh so beautiful. so great, just such a great man (someone laughing in the background)

Tim: have u had time to hang out while you’ve been over here and go out for supper or something with him?

Sarah: almost last night almost got to go to dinner last night I think tomorrow night

Tim: how long are you here for?

Sarah: just till Monday

Tim: so you dont get to do no sightseeing or anything

Sarah: luckily I have been here many times so I have seen the sights and I will do what I can for the economy while I am here

Tim: well we will be very grateful, I better talk about Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed, you guys kind of get you’re comeuppance in this at the beginning don’t you?

Sarah: comeuppance? You think we deserved it?

Tim: well I don’t think you deserved it, but I don’t wanna give too much away but you were kind of being set up weren’t you

Sarah: (in a low voice) a little bit, but I think everyone knows that

Tim: but don’t give too much away

Sarah: the gangs is the hero’s they wouldn’t do anything wrong.

(Clip from the movie)

Tim: do you wanna explain the plot or do u want me too?

Sarah: I want you to do it

Tim: no the answer is you’ll do it

Sarah: no no you can do it

Tim: ok ermm Mystery Inc gets their comeuppance

Sarah: no that’s not right

Tim: well what happ...

Sarah: no that’s not...

Tim: there’s a Museum...

(Sarah and Tim both speak at the same time then there is silence)

Sarah: it’s hardly like that

Tim: but they’re this mu..

Sarah: no

Tim: and then they go...

Sarah: not so much (starts laughing)

Tim: and ultimately those meddling kids sort thing out don’t they

Sarah: those pesky meddling kids (more laughing)

Tim: its original humor

(Another movie clip and a break)

Tim: listen was there any pressure on you to do a sequel, because the first one was a huge success, do you kind of think well should I do another one, can we make it as good, will it be as successful

Sarah: you know I think allot of times it is what you think, but I think in this instance we knew we could actually make a better movie, but I think it was so difficult with the first one because you wanna stay true to the cartoon but you also wanna humanize it and I think there was so much of a balance when making the first one that to do the second one you kinda went in knowing what worked an what didn’t so in this instance I think sequels are almost easier which I think is rare

(Another movie clip)

Tim: how’s Freddie?

Sarah: he’s sad he’s not here but his credit card is doing plenty out here so he need not worry

Tim: you both obvious worked on this movie together, do you take the work home, do you argue when u get home, are you critical of each other?

Sarah: well no we just solve a lot of mysteries at home

Tim: that’s a very good answer that shut me up in one foul swoop. Oh come you must go home, and you must say “you weren’t that good in that scene“ and he must say “Sarah I really think you should have done this scene differently”

Sarah: sounds more like “Honey will you make dinner”. “No”. “Please I’m hungry”. “Ok” so its pretty much that

Tim: so its domesticated bliss then

Sarah: a little more like that

(Another movie clip)

Tim: very quickly Buffy finished, gone, completely

Sarah: its sad I know, erm for now you never know

Tim: ouu not necessarily gone forever

Sarah: I don’t think anything is forever so I always say never say never

Tim: if they dangled a few dollars in front of you and said were gonna do a big screen version, because you didn’t do the big screen version in the beginning did you

Sarah: no I was not in the original movie

Tim: so if they said were gonna do another movie

Sarah: I don’t know we’ll have to see wont we

Tim: the very non-committal Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sarah Laughs) talking to Steve Wright in the afternoon. Thank you

Sarah: thank you

Steve Wright: thank you she has avery relaxing tone to her voice don’t you think.