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Wednesday 1 January 2003, by Webmaster

For OMWF, the only place where i managed to listen to it in french was here http://www.zemok.com/. It’s a radio, and it’s in streaming (you can’t download it), so you just have to be lucky enough to listen to it when they air OMWF. Anyway, i think the best moment it’s on frindays (in the evening, GMT), cause it’s a live a live show and they air what people request. Anyway, it’s really worth listening to even when OMWF is not on, cause they air all the BtVS songs, and i thatks to it, i got to know ots of artist i’d never heard of before and who are really cool. I never saw any website with episodes in french to download, but sometimes, french website have an MP3 section where you can find some dialogues in French. i’m gonna check if i find some and if so, i’ll post the link Chris

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