Wednesday 15 June 2005, by Anonymous :

It would be nice if this show were able to stand on it’s own merits. Not just because they play on the susceptibility of Buffy fans who seem to support any and every project that comes from anyone who had anything to do with the show.

Wednesday 15 June 2005, by Anonymous :

I agree with the above comments but I noticed in the pilot epi there was a line: ’lurk much?’ ..I believe Dawn said that to Spike once when she was sneaking out. Spikes reply: I’m standin about..its a whole different vibe.

Thursday 16 June 2005, by J2U :

If you believe these tips of the hat to what has gone before are cheap efforts to support the show, you problably don’t believe in Santa either! We all know Buffy is vacationing in Italy with her fren The Imortal and when she comes back Tim’s gonna have her kick your butt!!

Thursday 16 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Well the writers had a LARGE part in the sucess of Buffy and Angel. They simply rock at telling a good story. I would have watched it simply for that, the buffy references simply make me smile.

What can I say, we’re just an insanely dedicated fan base.

Thursday 16 June 2005, by Buddha :

Plus Danny (AKA Adam Baldwin aka Jayne)’s gloves are the same as the "two by two gloves of blue" guys.

Thursday 16 June 2005, by Anonymous :

I agree. I enjoy Buffy references too, but let this show create it’s own world. At least for the first half of the season and then start to "wink" at the audience. Right now it looks like a cheap way to recruit Buffy fans to watch.

Thursday 16 June 2005, by darthxander :

Hey,Everyone screamed when Buffy Left the Air!! Then Angel Get’s staked and there a food drive given in Honor to get his show Back on the air! People.. Fellow Joss Fans...Enjoy the Show & Be glad Tim is shouting out 2 of the best Drama shows of the last 2 decades...

Thursday 16 June 2005, by Gloria :

Amber Benson will also guest star in an episode titled "The Perfect Couple". She’ll play Allison Davis. No airdate yet.

Friday 17 June 2005, by Dee :

The one woman character with dark hair played in the ’Wonderfalls’ that Tim did. Katie Finneran. She was blond in that show.

Friday 17 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Don’t forget about Camden! In the preview for the show it shows Camden Toy in the background as one of the villians. I missed the preview, so did anyone see if he was in that episode?

Saturday 18 June 2005, by Anonymous :

I saw the first episode, and thought it was just "okay". However, the points in this forum are valid. Let’s face the facts, this is an article posted on a Buffy news site. The article points out Buffy references in a previous episode and a FUTURE episode. Again, this is a BUFFY NEWS site with an article that points out FUTURE Buffy references on a show produced and written by key Buffy writers.

So the answer is YES they are trying to get Buffy fans to watch based on BUFFY connections and references.

Monday 20 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Will & Grace actually made a number of references to Buffy over the years, which was pretty cool.

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