Saturday 25 June 2005, by Anonymous :

I loved it and am definitely buying the comic! Finally we get an explanation to the Spike/Halfrek story. And it’s quality storytelling - the rhythm in just these few pages is very well worked-through.

Sunday 26 June 2005, by Gigi :

Lol that is so gay. I can’t believe that they got bored enough to continue this story. Plus, they don’t even explain how she becomes a vengence demon. Since she just suddently..."wish granted" and was one. Oooh, but what does make sense, is the fact that her first vengence wish was helping out William, a man. That could be why Hally always told Anya that they could grant men’s wishes aswell?

Thursday 30 June 2005, by Anonymous :

gigi, you silly girl, it’s not the first time she becomes a demon - her fellow partiers just didnt know she was one yet

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