Thursday 21 July 2005, by Anonymous :

I like that Dawn meets Connor part. Angel thinks he loses his curse and chooses Cordelia over Buffy.

Friday 22 July 2005, by Anonymous :

I personally don’t like the ’what if’ parts. I mean they are unrealistic and I don’t think all that would have changed if joyce had lived. And the whole thing with doyle not dying, and cordelia "never becoming the woman we all know and love"... I never really liked her, even after she "grew up." Plus I don’t think angel would have experienced a moment of true happiness with cordelia. Nope. Sorry. I didn’t say this to offend anyone either. Just my opinions. : )

Saturday 23 July 2005, by SUSAN :

It would make more sense if Dawn met Conner through school or a friend of a friend.And not knowing he was Angels son..As the episodes go one Dawn finds out Conner is adopted and Angel is his real Father ...That would be a shock to Buffy to find that Conner was Angels Son and he didnt tell her..And so she heads to LA to see him..And Angel would never believe Wolfram and Hart he would never make a deal like that,Cordelia would of brought him to his sences.. But it would of been a head turn for Angel to choose Cordy over Buffy.Because in a way I think buffy couldnt make up her mind about Angel,And kinda thought hed always be waiting for her...only to find he found love in some one else..And it to be Cordy...(What do you think)

Sunday 24 July 2005, by Anonymous :

How about Angel chooses Cordy and Buffy finds out and then Cordy chooses Truly uncharted territory.

Saturday 30 July 2005, by Anonymous :

lol truly uncharted? not if you find the right femslash on the internet lol

Thursday 4 August 2005, by noni :

I like the one where dawn meets connor. i dont want angel to be with cordelia but since wolfram and heart lied and he turns into angelus i wouldnt have to worry now would i. I would love to see angelus own wolfram and heart. awesome.

Saturday 6 August 2005, by Anonymous :

the ’what if joyce had never died?’ is bu****it and full of flaws. massive ones.

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