Friday 22 July 2005, by ECM :

It galls me to think I vote Republican when I hear these fascist dolts running around on the loose complaining about whatever they see ands hear on TV. God forbid any of these people take a little responsibility and monitor what their Stepford children are watching on the Idiot Box. Now I know, I’m really a Libertarian...

I have to say, I saw the episode in question, and, um, maybe these people in the PTC should remember what this show is about... It is about an FBI Violent Crimes unit and all. Serial killers, serial rapists, degenerates of every flavor will be displayed on this program at one point or another. Get over it.

I’m sorry to say folks, but the days of "Donny & Marie", "Andy Griffith", "Ed Sullivan", and "Leave It To Beaver" are far behind us. Maybe these folks are thrilled at the notion of simple-life (as opposed to "The Simple Life" - blech...) TV, but some of us like to see grown-up TV shows. These are probably the same people that prefer the original "Battlestar Galactica", with lots of kid-friendly drivel and nonsense, over the reimagined one of today.

To you of the PTC and other fascist organizations who seek to regulate what I get to see and hear on TV, if you don’t like what’s on, then don’t fracking watch. Every TV and cable box today has parental controls to disable channels you don’t want your kids to use. Use them. And stop trying to keep the rest of us adults in the Dark Ages watching mind pablum that’s as intelligent as navel lint... Um, wait a minute, we already have lots of that on the air already... ("American Idol", "So You Think You Can Dance", any sitcom on UPN, any reality show, etc.) Ugh, thank God for the Discovery Channel and SciFi Fridays...

Friday 22 July 2005, by kimmy :

give me a break that’s why the inside is on at 9pm (pst) IT’S FOR ADULTS... MAYBE we need to blame the parents and not the tv. its ok for fox to have simple life and teach kids its ok to be a COMPLETE AIRHEAD but not ok to have a adult show with adult content

Friday 22 July 2005, by Anonymous :

I wouldn’t want to watch a show that the PTC endorsed. The problem is these groups whine and moan to get "family friendly" programming, but those shows don’t draw an audience. If the majority of the people didn’t want to watch what they consider indecent, I can promise you - it probably wouldn’t be on the air! I have no interest in watching fluffy crap with Care Bears or whatever in it!

Friday 22 July 2005, by Anonymous :

Millions of "children" would be spared seeing these kinds of shows if their PARENTS DIDN’T ALLOW them to see them in the first place!!!

In the mean time, I dont want those sick bastards of the PTC dictating what I can watch!

Can anyone dig up any "home videos" of these PTC perverts and out them?

Friday 22 July 2005, by Anonymous :

This is rediculas, if you don’t like something don’t watch it, and don’t try to ruin it for all of those who like the show. and to pass any law regulating what can be seen on TV is just pure Nazism. Seig Hiel, Seig Hiel.

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