Saturday 23 July 2005, by TwisTz :

Go James! wooooooooo

Sunday 24 July 2005, by Azzy :

Go James! I cant wait....

Wednesday 27 July 2005, by Jennifer :

I can’t believe Smallville hasn’t been cancelled yet, when everything decent has been.

Wednesday 27 July 2005, by doctorwholastofmyrace :

i cant believe there bringing blondy bear spike(james marsters) into smallville its a great show cant he do anything better in his life than apear in most wb and sci-fi shows give him a series of his own look at the rest of the cast of buffy/angel theyve got their own shows why ruin smallville with him in it i hope it doesnt get canceled.

Thursday 28 July 2005, by Chiron :

On James’ official website, his manager posted that he will be playing a character called "Agent Dox", but the WB press release says "Milton Fine/Brainiac". Anyone know what’s up with the conflicting reports? Not that it would matter to me one way or another, if JM is on it, I’ll watch it.

Monday 6 February 2006, by sagie :

James marsters no doubt was one of the funniest cast members in buffy and spin off angel this time hes joined the cast of smallville to add mystery laughs an a spin.i ve only seen 2 episodes woith him in so far and even now he is one of my favorite cfharacters apart from clark of course. lana and lois are the most eye catching due to they bodys and looks as their both fine . anyway smallville rules .

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